My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, April 9, 2011

my numbers

11 1/2 - toilet paper rolls in stock at my home at the moment

4 - pairs of shoes IN FRONT of my closet instead of INSIDE of it. not sure why my two feet can't make it two more feet before the shoes come off
6 - days until my next injection
31 - dollars spent at the bakery this morning on cheddar bread, a pecan ring, lasagna, boars head turkey, key lime cremes and a pumpkin muffin
17 - dollars spent at Dollar General today on toilet paper, drano, four greeting cards, two new pens, four packs of red hots and a donation to Autism Speaks
8 - hours I've been awake
17 - pillows on my full size bed leaving room for me and... that's about it
3 - loads of laundry I've washed since yesterday
0 - loads of laundry I've folded and put away since yesterday
9 - hours I worked yesterday - D was on vacay, Shirley took an extremely rare day off and Kev got violently ill on his way to work leaving just me and Holly. Her sweet hubby brought lunch in for us so we at least got to eat but man... sitting that long was tough on my back!
4 - cups of coffee this morning
103 - years ago my Granddaddy Pennington was born (yesterday)
43 - age of my oldest and dearest sista/friend Dewayna aka "Tay" (on Monday)
25 - years ago I was a blushing bride for the first time (on Tuesday)
1066 - number of facebook friends I currently have
1056 - number of facebook friends who are related to me. Just kidding.
81 - temperature in Cleveland, GA today
14 - states I've visited (Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Nevada)

That's the stats for today... Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!