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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

#hashtag Tuesday

Lately I've had a "fat-itude"... just not caring what I eat and the impact on my body. Part of it is the steroids... part of it is the neurontin... part of it is a sense of giving up and giving in. I can't go and do like I want... but I can sit in my nest and eat. That's a dangerous perspective. I'm going to have to change my thinking... get back to clean eating and counting calories, even if I'm not counting points. #offthewagon

I think it's awesome that Obama's solution to the gas crisis is for people to "stop driving gas guzzling SUVs"... what about Jane Q. Public, like me... who drives an extremely economical Nissan Sentra, which gets awesome gas mileage... but still costs about three hours salary to fill up?... and what about the impact on food prices, especially if you live in remote areas like I do? #worstpresidentever

I don't know much about economics... but I do know that I work in an industry that is regulated and can't make too much in profits... and if the insurance industry can be regulated, can't the oil industry? I guess if you don't have to pay to fill your own gas tank... and if you don't have to worry about buying your own groceries... then you don't get too concerned about these things. #MissingGeorgeBush

Don't you love hash tags? You know... like what you use in twitter... which gives everything a quick summary simply by putting that little # in front of it. This is how people on twitter group together "tweets" about the same subject. #randominformation

I'm so crazy about the Royal Wedding that I actually downloaded the press release about it and read through ninety six pages of information about seating charts, itinerary, biographies of people involved, etc. I still think back to that 13 year old girl who was mesmerized by the thought that a 20 year old Lady Diana could become a Princess... sitting on my parents couch in the cool of the early morning and dreaming of being transported into a life of privilege.... #livingoutafairytale

Ultimately, Di's story ended up being too good to be true... she kissed a Prince and he turned into a frog... he was in love with someone else and treated Diana horribly. I always think about the initial engagement interview when they were asked if they were in love and she answered with a shy, dreamy eyed, "yes" and he tacked on "whatever "in love" means".... reminds me of my prince not-so-charming's constant accusation to me that I "didn't know what love is"... when the truth is... I know more about love than he ever will. I know that true love is unconditional... #narcissism

Just watching Wills and Kate... they do seem to be in love, don't they? #happilyeverafter?

I got a fabulous birthday gift in the mail yesterday from Purple Michael... everything in the package was Martha Stewart perfect... from the lovely wrapping with a big calligraphy H on it... to the embossed stamp on the card... to the beautiful gift of coasters with some of my favorite pics of my kids, me and Michael. I know he put so much time and effort into it and I could feel the love... knowing how much I mean to him - and how much he means to me. He is such a blessing to me. #mywhiteknight

It's Tuesday... three more work days for me this week... I took an advil migraine liqui-gel thingy yesterday and not only did it wipe out my headache - it kept the back pain away for most of the day. I didn't start hurting until after 2pm, instead of my usual 10am or so. I'll definitely be discussing with the pain clinic about a similar medication... a long acting ibuprofen of sorts. And changing the neurontin to something that doesn't cause weight gain or increase my appetite. Enough already. #hatemypainclinic

I didn't mention this - I don't think - but the neurologist thinks there is damage to my piriformis muscle.... it's known as "wallet syndrome" because it's usually aggravated by men sitting on their wallets. That's the location of the worst and most constant pain. #paininmytukas

Ok... so that's all the hashed up news that's unfit to type... Hope you have a wonderful, awesome, incredible kind of Tuesday! Love and hugs! #theend