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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, April 4, 2011

reasons to love Monday

The weekend is grinding to a close and a whole, long work week looms ahead... and although Monday is one of the most dreaded, depressing days of the week, I have a few reasons to love Monday... Here goes:

1. My coffee is excellent this morning... there is no such thing as strong coffee, only weak people.

2. This is not the "Torpedo of Truth" blog... it's free to read and I don't have to worry about people walking out. Gotta love Charlie Sheen for trying to capitalize on his notoriety. Narcissist.

3. The boss is out of town all week which means NO STAFF MEETING TODAY! Usually our Mondays start early... not this week!

4. It's absolutely beautiful here. I'll try to post some pics for you of the beautiful spring colors. The tulips in front of the Cleveland Post Office are simply gorgeous.

5. We had the BEST dinner last night... lasagna that I bought at the bakery. yes, the bakery. The sweet Amish ladies sell these frozen (homemade) meals... they're more expensive than regular frozen foods that you would get at the grocery store... but cheaper than it would have been for us to eat out or for me to buy the ingredients to make lasagna.

6. Austin came home contrite and cooperative yesterday. We worked out a "lease" agreement where he has to complete certain tasks to earn the extras above room and board. Not sure how long he'll stick with that but at least there wasn't any drama.

7. Had a pain filled weekend but at least I'm closer to my next shot and the ultimate consultation where we figure out what's working and not working. Three months in... surely there's going to be relief ahead.

8. I have a few facebook/blog friends whose status updates feed directly into my cell via text message. I woke up this morning to a very positive message from a girl who is struggling with anger. I have lived that anger she's working through right now and I'm so encouraged by her determination to have victory over it. It's not easy to forgive but it's sooooo worth it.

9. My sweet friend Natalie has a birthday today. She is such a huge blessing in my life by her example, her service to the Lord, her ministry in the community.

10. Spring break is over for Austin. He (unwisely) stayed up all night to "get back on schedule". My suggestion (which he didn't heed, of course) was that he stay up all day SUNDAY so that he could reset his sleep schedule. He's been staying up all night with his loser gamer friend who has never done any work other than community service and who has no job, education or other responsibilities. He's going to fall asleep in school without a doubt... and why is this a reason to love monday? Because he will crash and burn right after school and be snoozing away when I get home from work. No demands, no drama for the mama.

11. I tried to watch the Kennedy mini-series yesterday but the country music awards show was too interesting... but the Kennedy thing is on again tonight... and if I'm too interested in Dancing With The Stars... they will catch up the episodes on Saturday and Sunday.

12. Bad storms are headed our way this evening but fortunately... they will come while we're sleeping so I won't have to drive in pouring rain. Rain helps knock the pollen out of the air.

13. The biggest reason to love Monday this week is the picture at the top of this entry... my sweet niece Tiffany and her little boy Ethan James who will soon be 3. I snagged this picture (without permission, of course, when do i ever ask?) from her husband's facebook. Not only am I a great aunt... I'm a Great Aunt... and I love it! How precious are they?

So that's what's happening here... hope that you find at least 13 reasons to love monday this week too!