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My People
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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Dream Job and Other Nonsense

The only productive thing I've done today is grow hair. I'm joking. I also bathed, dried and straightened my hair (which feels like it takes forever but lasts for several days) and watched the first episode of season five of Mad Men.  Jon Hamm is the new Alfie Boe in my world.

I also made an appointment for a functional capacity evaluation on November 18th. I dread it but I know it's another one of those "means to an end" things. Or, more literally, means to some means. I had to pay upfront before they would schedule the appointment. So that was fun. Let's just hope this is a worthy investment.

Honestly, today hasn't been that bad pain wise but by the time I finished the glam routine and tracked down a doctors office that could do that evaluation, I was spent. And it was only 11am. I didn't really even get out of bed until 9am. I was awake... but I was surfing and gaming and other such worthless pursuits. I had pain today (the pain of the day is left hip and right shoulder - riddle me that!). I always have pain. It wasn't miserable yet I was so exhausted. THIS is what makes working impossible. On the good days - and pain wise, today was about as good as it's been in a long time - I still don't have the energy to have a full, normal work day. Nobody wants me to come in and give them two hours of my time.

I see these mega-bloggers that are making five figures a month with their blogs and I'm jealous. THAT is the kind of work I could do. But they also do a lot of hawking stuff. One blog I've enjoyed for years has recently become so much about sponsors that there is very little true content. I want to read someone's life story - not know what kind of frozen dinner they like. Maybe that's just me. And maybe I'm just jealous because I tell you what my favorite frozen dinner is for free. (Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts - we call them "golf chicken" because that's what we used to cook on the nights that Pop played golf.) That's my dream job, though, free-lance writer/blogger... anything with a paycheck and no time clock and the occasional free frozen chicken breast.

Notice the purple afghan in the picture at the top? Mom finished that today and it ties in nicely with my purple wall. She had enough yarn to make one for Sarabeth, too. It's not ready yet, though. If I took off the electric blanket and electric throw that are on top of my lovely purple comforter, my room would look quite nice. The cats might protest. They love my cozy nest. In fact, they think it's THEIR nest and they just let me sleep in it.

Anyways... that's about it for today. Time for me to get back to growing hair and watching Mad Men. Happy Weekend!


monique said...

I love that purple throw and Jon Hamm. whew...
That is my all time favorite show. I love that era. And I agree on the history bits they cover. I consider that my guilty pleasure.