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My People
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Come Play On MY Mood Swings

At the risk of sounding bi-polar, today has been a total mix of ugh and awww.  I'll color code my report so you can see the different shades of my ever changing mood ring. In case you can't tell... this is the not happy stuff. This is the happy stuff. 

Pain level - astronomical. From earache to muscle spasms in my rear to the evil gut pain that will be the death of me. 

Windows open, beautiful weather here today. It's a little warmer than I prefer but it's cooler here in the basement than on the main level of the house. 

My kid has been procrastinating on putting on the renewal sticker on my car tag. Here in Georgia your registration renews on your birthday. He finally went to do it today and the adhesive came off the sticker from being left in the hot car for a month. Don't know if they'll just replace it or if I'm going to have to MacGyver it in place. Either way it means an extra trip to the tag office which... fortunately is never crowded and the people are always nice. 

Mom vacuumed the downstairs for me today. I always think, "eh... it's fine" and then she does it and it looks so much better. I love my living space. 

Pop made an awesome lunch. 

I got several fruits and veggies in today. 

Dinner is going to be cereal. 

Have I mentioned pain today? Don't want to bury the lead. It really is the lowlight of the day.

The highlight was introducing my niece Jamie to the wonderful world of cat's cradle. You know, from back in the days when we didn't have electronic entertainment and had to entertain ourselves with rocks and sticks and pieces of yarn. We took that activity right up to current day by you-tubing some how-to videos to learn some other tricks. 

Also adored fixing her hair for her basketball game. 

Won't be celebrating the Cinco de Mayo today... 

Got a birthday card in the mail with an Amazon gift card... I'll be shopping later. I have loved this birthday so very much thanks to the wonderful people in my life. 

Looking forward to Dancing With The Stars tonight, even though I'm not a fan of Abby from Dance Moms and she's going to be on there as a guest judge. 

My cousin's grandbaby is in the hospital... and it's my cousin's birthday. So that's a bummer. The baby is my first cousin, twice removed for those of you who understand that process. 

My cousin who is having the really bad headaches got the results from another round of tests and the good news is that they didn't find anything wrong. The bad news is that they still don't know what's causing these really disabling headaches. The good news is that we are Sisters in Suffering and have really bonded through this. 

I got a graduation invitation in the mail for my friend Mary's daughter, Natalie who is the valedictorian of her class. I can't think of anyone I've known who was the valedictorian. I'm so proud for Mary - for the whole family. They're the sweetest people I know. 

I'm generally in sort of a funk about the whole pain thing and the lack of control it gives me over my life. 

But I'm also super, super grateful for how God has provided in this season of waiting.

And this girl... always makes me smile. I also really adore the fuzzy rug she loves to sprawl out on when she's watching My Little Pony. Can I just freeze this age? 

Hope your week has started off on a good note. Love and hugs, y'all! 


Anonymous said...

You are experiencing the push-crash cycle . You pushed for your birthday week and now crash. Most people crash after events yet for us the crash is debilitating. I learned to manage pain i must plan my days and keep my activity across them mostly stable. This is a very long process. My doctor had me start with very little activity then gradually increase activity over time. I kept an activity log journal. As I did this I tuned into my body and adjusted my plan to manage pain. For instance, I go only to the grocery in the early afternoon bc I feel the best and can rest a few hours before making dinner for my kids. This was a hard process and forced me to use words I don't like "no" and "I can't." The boundaries have aided me and I can do much more if I manage and plan my time. Plan plan plan is my mantra.

Anonymous said...

ive been thinking of you/you're pain. the kiddies are in bed so i can write.

I feel what you are going through as a fellow fibro sufferer. this is debilitating emotionally and physically. I began to recognize feeling helpless was was worse then the actual pain. once I embraced a problem solving attitude my life and pain changes. when i took action against the pain no matter how small i felt more in control and could impact the situation positively. do not give up, please. your healthy eating, weight loss and planning your day will make you feel much better. But slowly, over time. Plan-act-impact.