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My People
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Cherries are in season and they are EXPENSIVE! Instead of flowers or jewelry for Mother's Day... get your mom some cherries. I spent $8 on a little bag of them. In the grand scheme of things... they are good for you (and good for easing pain) and people (meaning me) spend more than that on things that aren't as nutritious.

I picked up a few things at the store today. We've gotten into the habit (this week... two days in a row so far which equals "habit" in my world) of eating a big meal at lunch and then eating Special K with fruit for dinner. I'm not sure but I think I'm sleeping better without having a big meal later in the day. I've been eating fruit for breakfast - melon, grapes, strawberries. And I haven't been hungry - not even during my normal "snack times". For snacks I've been eating peanuts or red hots. Ok, red hots aren't nutritious but they last a long time. The important thing is that I'm eating better and eating less and I haven't seen Debbie in two weeks!

Pollen has been heavy lately. The weather has been really warm in the day but cool at night so we've been keeping the windows open. Last night I had to add an extra blanket but still enjoyed breathing the cool air, even if it was pollinated.

Jamie has improved her cat's cradle skills since Monday and has even taught her friends at school. We're bringing it back, y'all! She was proud to show me her "double witch's broom" this afternoon. She has a field trip coming up and she was explaining the politics of who is sitting by whom on the bus. In case you were wondering, third grade hasn't changed all that much since we were there.

We have the WORST luck with icemakers. When I got up yesterday morning there was a big chunk of plastic in my cup, leftover from the ice from the night before. I'm guessing that big chunk of plastic had something to do with the icemaker no longer crushing ice. The repairman was surprised that we had to call him back again... it's only been three months since he last fixed it. It's not like we're making margaritas or something... our ice usage is normal, I would think. We've only had the refrigerator for a year and a half.

One of Austin's friends came over last night with his baby - and the baby's mama. The cats were curious about this tiny human. Baby slept the whole time he was here. I told mama to go hang out with the guys and I would holler if if the baby woke up. She was nervous - she had never left him before and she didn't want to impose, I think. Honestly, he wasn't any trouble because he just slept.

The garden is growing... my fig tree has sprouted a few leaves... the sun rises, the sun sets and life goes on!

 the fig tree is the thing that looks like a piece of straw in the middle of the circle


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you seem well and attuned to your body signals. large meals interfere with sleep. my doctor informed me protein takes longest and is the most difficult nutrient to digest. having meat at night keeps ppl up bc the stomach is working to process. Many people believe carbs give you energy but they don't. They digest easily so they are good to have before bed. Specialk! If ever you must stay awake have a steak. You are doing so good. You are inspiring.