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My People
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Long, Long Day

Remember how yesterday started rudely at 7:30 am with a dog breathing on my face? A dog with a very fickle bladder who had already had an adventure getting to me, therefore I knew I had to hurry-scurry her to the backdoor? ... Then this morning started rudely at 7am with my hadn't-been-to-bed-yet kid saying, "Mommy... time to get up". I had an appointment for lab work at 8:30 am... you know, early, because it was fasting blood work. And today was shower day so I had to get up early enough to shower and dry my hair. And straighten it. And put on makeup. I set my alarm for 7:30 and then promised myself that if I woke up before then on my own and/or my kid happened to be awake and could wake me up, I would do the full glam routine. He was awake. I glammed.

After two days in a row of waking in the 7 o'clock hour can I just say, respectfully, that I'm not a fan? I know I used to be up before the dawn but back then I was also asleep before sundown. I'm tucking myself in around 2am and this five hours of beauty sleep is leaving me lacking in many ways.

At some point while I was in the glam process my mom got up to take Lily (the old dog with the fickle bladder) to the poop pen out front and somehow, for some reason, passed out. This had to have happened during the shower or during the hair drying because I didn't hear a thing.

SOOOoooo while my parents were trying to get the doctor on the phone I headed out the door to be on time for my lab appointment because I'm prompt and courteous like that. I arrived in town STARVING (which is weird because I don't normally eat much by that time of day anyways) about ten polite minutes before my appointment time and proceeded to warm a seat in the uncomfortably warm lobby for over an hour. If I wasn't already a little out of sorts by the pre-8am wakeup call and the lack of food in my belly, this large man with a larger cough planted himself RIGHTBESIDEME. Doesn't everyone know the proper seating etiquette for a waiting room? If possible you never seat yourself in a chair beside anyone else. There was a section of three seats side by side available and he planted his tubercular self right next to my highly susceptible to respiratory illness lungs. For an hour. Remind me of this when I'm complaining about having pneumonia in a week.

The sweet nurse who, like everyone who staffs the clinic, is a volunteer, apologized for my long wait and explained that they try to get the diabetics back first. Apparently I looked like I could live off the fat of the land for awhile. The blood draw was painless and my blood pressure was lower than it's been in ... my lifetime, I think - 100/76 - which is ironic because my mom's blood pressure has been riding a roller coaster all week, which *may* be why she passed out.

On the plus side... I never watch Good Morning America but this morning I sat through a large chunk of it and was rewarded with the Dancing With The Stars recap. I also got to see half of Live With Kelly and Michael.

I had three library books due back today so I stopped and dropped them in the outside bin. I guess the library season has come to an end for now... at least until I catch up on the dozen books I'm in the middle of reading in my Nook.

I stopped at the grocery store to buy the necessary items to recreate my fab salad from yesterday (pictured here)

. By the time I got home I was about to drop between the pain from sitting and the hunger from fasting... I quickly put together a salad and settled in to some bonding time with my laptop.

Then... all too soon but I'm sure not soon enough for her... my mom and dad had to leave for mom's doctor's appointment and I was on dog duty. Not just dog duty but stressed out because we know something's wrong dog duty. I made no fewer than six trips upstairs in the next three hours to refill water bowls and let dogs in and out. Oscar swore he needed to poop and he will only poop out back so I let him out the back door and he promptly ran up the stairs and scooted off up the driveway. I almost let him run all the way to Cleveland but decided that my parents would miss his rotten little self so I chased him down.

And then Little Kitty aka Killy brought me a gift...

A dead, bleeding gift. That I couldn't bring myself to pick up, even with a wad of paper towels and a plastic bag. I could still feel the carcass. I had to get a shovel and scoop him up on the shovel and dump him outdoors... screaming the whole time... which trust me, doesn't do a lot to comfort nervous dogs.

Then I climbed the stairs AGAIN to go pick up my nieces from school. Pop usually gets them on Wednesday but since he was at the doctor with my mom, I was called into service. I absolutely love hanging out with my girls so believe me, this was not a burden in any way but it was so hot outdoors that even with the a/c going full blast I was covered in sweat by the time I got home. Of course it was worth it to hear Sarabeth casually describe her career presentation as a "prezzy" because she's almost a middle schooler, you know.

My parents were home when we got back from school. Pop fixed the girls a small bowl of ice cream for an afterschool snack and the girls and I watched My Little Pony together. (because she's not THAT grown yet!)

They left to go to the library and church and Austin asked for a ride to the store which made me roll my eyes and curse. I'm so exhausted, y'all. I mean, I could go to sleep now, even though it's before sunset.

There's no explanation yet about mom's black out. They did some blood work and told her to get a walker for her injured ankle (did I mention she hurt her ankle in the process?) and she goes to the neurologist tomorrow. My up all night kid needs to dog sit overnight so she doesn't have to get up. Lily usually starts stirring around the time Pop gets up and goes upstairs to the computer room in the morning or leaves for the golf course. We can't keep the dogs down here because there is no pen for them to go out to down here and you can't just turn them loose in the dark out here - there are too many creatures in the night. Plus, we're so far out from civilization that there are no street lights so when it's dark it's very, very dark. Three dogs wandering in three different directions in the dark would be a bad thing.

Anyways. The devil is a big ole meanie. It's no coincidence that the two mornings I have woken up to my really amazing, encouraging sign (see yesterday's entry) have been not-so-great mornings. But... I did have a nice long text-chat with my cousin today and gave my nieces their end of the school year gift (knee socks of all different varieties, they love knee socks).

Someone asked in comments how I prepare and recover from busy days. I just try to not schedule activities on consecutive days. I allow myself a little leeway with other things (I didn't make my bed today and that NEVER happens). I try to not have to do the glam routine when I have to be up and at 'em early - that was a fail. There are just some things we can't predict and prepare for... and in that case I just suck it up and rest the next day. I'll rest tomorrow (other than dog sitting but Austin promised to help) and hopefully be recovered in time for my doctor's appointment in Gainesville on Friday. That involves a long drive so it's a little more demanding than a blood draw but the good news is they never keep you waiting. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Goodnight y'all.