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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

News Day Tuesday - Vera Bradley and Potty Training

Welcome to News Day Tuesday where I comment on current events in my world and in the real world. Here's a bit of trivia I bet you've never heard.... remember Larry Tate, Darrin's boss on Bewitched? (the tv series, not the movie) The actor who played Mr. Tate was David White. David was a single father as his wife died due to complications during her second pregnancy leaving David to raise their older son, Jonathan. Jonathan died in 1988 aboard Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. I found that tidbit of info on

According to the website,, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Apparently he is a substance abuser and has an anger management problem. Quite honestly, I've never forgiven Angelina for "stealing" Brad from Jennifer Aniston. I guess you get what you pay for. If you steal someone's husband you end up with a cheater. Who wants that? A local radio personality once said after interviewing Brad Pitt that he has a major body odor problem. Whenever I see Brad Pitt, I always imagine him smelling of b.o.

I'm still battling the overwhelming fatigue today. I slept poorly... couldn't find a position that worked. It's frustrating beyond belief to so tired and not be able to sleep. It's like being thirsty and not being able to find water. I feel like a zombie today and the medicine they give me for muscle spasms makes it so much worse - the sleepiness - it's almost a miracle cure for the muscle spasms, especially compared to what I was taking. Not to clog up today's blog post with whining... I can save that all for a Whiny Wednesday post!

The good thing is that it's a quiet / mostly no responsibilities day and I have been sitting here binge watching The Land Girls on Netflix. I started it awhile back but I lost track of the plot along the way so I started over. It's entertaining and since I've watched it before I can just have it on without having to study too hard. I don't have to think as much, although I am watching for the part where I got lost before.

Not meaning to continue complaining but major consumer bummer for me today... I shop on occasionally. Sometimes the stuff is just... ehhhh.... but sometimes they sell really good brands for very affordable prices. FOR INSTANCE... today they have a big Vera Bradley sale. I have a really cute Vera Bradley purse that is my favorite purse I've ever had. I would never invest in a high dollar handbag because honestly... paired with my yoga pants and oversized tops an expensive bag is never going to live up to it's intended potential. Technically you could say that my yoga pants will never live up to their full potential either but... let's not go there. I like carrying my Vera Bradley bag because at a glance, a purse snatcher would never recognize it as having any value as they would say, a Coach bag. However someone who shops Vera Bradley would recognize it and I have had those moments of "oh... I love that pattern... " and I bond with complete strangers over our mutual love of Vera Bradley. For me, Vera Bradley is priced higher than I would normally spend on a bag but... it's not ridiculously priced and I really enjoy it. The only thing is... my pattern is an older pattern and it's hard to find different other pieces in the same pattern (pink swirls florals, if you're wondering) and it's especially hard to find them on sale. WELL... on today they had Vera Bradley and they had MY PATTERN and they had a piece I REALLY WANT (backpack, if you're wondering) and they had SOLD OUT before I got there! I had debated buying it off the Vera Bradley website a few weeks ago and thought... no... I don't really need the backpack... I don't ever go anywhere but then I thought... it would make a great diaper bag for Cosy AND Cosy has her own little purse in that pattern (which we loaned to Cousin Jamie but I'm sure she still has it and will remember to bring it back soon). And... if I could ever get enough days in a row that I could go stay with Oliver for a little while, I could use my cute matching Vera Bradley backpack for my stuff but... sad ending, which you already know... sold out.

Gosh. This blog is long already and you only have had a few minor news bulletins, none of which are really news. So what else can I tell you? One of the cats has been throwing up a lot and it's really gross. Neither me or my mom has the stomach for cat vomit. Occasionally I can get Austin to clean it up for me because I "am the best mom ever" and he "owes me a million favors" direct quotes, folks, I'm just telling you what he says. But the last two vom sessions have occurred when Austin was not around to do me a favor. SO I get the chunks up and my mom gets the resulting stains out. (This is why my mom has to live forever because who else would help me clean up cat vomit?) Today I ordered a new kind of food for them that is supposed to be for sensitive stomachs so we'll see if that helps. I will pay more for cat food to avoid cleaning up cat vomit, one hundred percent, without hesitation. I only ordered a small bag of the sensitive stomach food to see if it helps.

Also... Cosette has gone potty a total of SEVEN times now so I searched far and wide on the internet for some little training panties in her size. She's so tiny still... right around 20 lbs and most of the little pants I found were 2T or bigger. She wears a 12 months unless we need 18 months for her long legs. I finally found some Gerber panties that were 18 months so I thought we'd try them. If she doesn't use them for training pants they'll make a decent diaper cover for under dresses. The thing is... she has hated being in a wet diaper since day one. My boys would sit in a wet diaper until it exploded. Oliver is pretty much the same. Maybe it's a baby girl thing but Cosy doesn't like being wet. I thought... since she's so sensitive to the sensation of a wet diaper that if she had on little training pants she would easily be able to tell when the pee happens. She's already making the connection between "potty chair" and "my pee goes there". Not rushing her, I promise. She's way young for potty training but... if she'll go potty and be happy going potty then, I say let's get her the things she needs to be successful. If she's not ready until she's 3... so be it. (Please God let her be ready before 3!) I was sure her dad would go to kindergarten in pullups but... girls are different, I hear. We'll see. Stay tuned.

AND... the blog is long enough. Hope you've enjoyed our discussion on handbags and potty training. Come back tomorrow and I promise more of the same exciting conversation. If you have interesting news topics to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook! Expand our world, please, I'm begging! Thanks for stopping by, love and hugs!

Ending with a picture of me from today. This is what Tuesday looks like. I'm sparing you the OOTD which includes baggy fuzzy pajama pants. You're welcome.


monica said...

OOTD? I have to think about that...
This post gave me a good laugh.
I have one piece of VB that my sister-in-law gave me.
I had seen her line of bags but was not aware that they
were a desired brand. I went online and dreamed for a week
or two and then I woke up. VB is addicting. I love it all.
I think when I realized that the patterns change quite often
I knew I would never be able to start a collection with just
one piece. So, I still only own one piece.
I'm sure that more than you wanted to know.
I hope the new cat food helps out the kitty. It's definitely
worth a try.
It's now nite - nite for me.