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My People
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reasons To Love News Day, Tuesday

Should this be a "Reasons to Love Tuesday" blog since we leapfrogged over Monday? No... let's just go with the News Day, Tuesday theme. Or blend it all together. In the end it's all the same. I just tell you stuff that happens in my world.

Today I joined the Bi-focal Club. Yes, it's true. I now need bi-focals. Fun fact: did you know that if you have trouble with motion sickness you're not a good candidate for bi-focals? Guess what you do instead? Well... you buy not two but THREE different pairs of glasses for near, medium and distant viewing. Fortunately I was at Walmart where the total cost of the eye exam and three pairs of glasses cost less than my last eye exam plus one pair of glasses under vision insurance. It was less than I expected. I'm not sure I'm gonna love wearing glasses but I need them. The eye doctor (who was of Indian descent, I'll let you do the accent for yourself) put in the drops to dilate my eyes and said, "Ok... (seriously, do the accent, it's funnier that way)... you go on out there and look for some frames and in about fifteen minutes I'll call you back in to finish your exam. Your vision should start getting blurry but... it's already blurry so it won't be any different." Was he throwing shade at my shabby vision? I think so. Duly noted. He was a nice guy and all the ladies working there were super sweet.

It's 63 days until Election Day. I feel like saying that is akin to saying, "it's 63 days until the Zombie Apocalypse". Austin and his friends used to have (maybe still do) an emergency plan for the Zombie Apocalypse. It involved everyone meeting here because there's a lake where they could catch fish for protein and ... I forget the other details. Obviously, I was not considering the legitimacy of the need for a Zombie Apocalypse emergency plan. However, if there ever was a natural disaster of some sort, I'm not sure this would be a good place to come, fishing aside. I think once you take away the wifi and the satellite, not to mention the water and ability to cook, this place loses some of its' charm. However, when it snows, we're all set because the county sheriff lives across the lake from us so they have to plow past our house so he can get out. If you can get out of our driveway, you're golden.

Anyways. I've been gradually taking peeks at the news again lately and it seems to me that Trump is gaining popularity. Is it just on Fox News? I only watch CNN overnight when I'm binge watching episodes of Forensic Files. I only watch CNBC during the Olympics. I've seen a few Trump bumper stickers lately. I haven't seen any Hillary stickers. Maybe bumper stickers are passe. Maybe I'm so far out from civilization that everyone here votes Republican. Except for the people in Sautee Nacoochee. That's only funny to people who live around here. There's an artist enclave of sorts in that part of the county. They're the only people around here who understand where we got the name Cosette... and when we explain, "from Les Miserables"... they're the only ones who understand what Les Miserables is/was.

I am a little concerned about Hillary's coughing spell that happened over the weekend. Not that she was coughing... but seriously... you're coughing so much you can't catch your breath and you don't pull the microphone away from your mouth? For someone who has been in the public eye for so long that seems really unpolished. And her running mate, Tim Kaine just sits behind her with that goofy grin... wouldn't a gentleman come up and offer some assistance? Maybe take the microphone and give a little filler while she recuperates? Don't her handlers have a backup plan? C'mon Houma... I know you've been distracted lately but seriously... it was cringe-worthy.

I'm not saying that I'm on the Trump Train. I'm just saying that I could never vote for Hillary.

As a Fox News viewer I was surprised to hear news of the settlement with Gretchen Carlson. If you missed out on that one... Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America, had a daily news program on Fox that was terminated this Summer. She filed suit against the head of Fox News, Roger Ailes, alleging sexual harassment, that he had cancelled her program because she rebuffed his sexual advances. Many on Fox rushed to his defense but he was later fired and just today Fox settled with Gretchen for something like $20 million, which makes it seem to me she had pretty strong evidence against him. Greta Van Susteran, a big Ailes supporter, has had her evening news program cancelled. I don't know. Seems to legitimate Gretchen's accusations. There's another babe-caster at Fox, Andrea Tantaros who has also been canned that has made claims against Ailes as well. I've always complained that my favorite Fox show, The Five, has a spotlight on the legs of an attractive woman with long legs, high heels and a short skirt in every broadcast. Taking the term "broadcast" to a different level... get it? Anyways. I feel like it devalues the women.

In local news, there was a fatal accident yesterday where a one year old baby lost her life. Our equivalent of daily news is the local Facebook pages and there were several posts about the accident yesterday. You always see these holiday weekend traffic death tolls and it's sad... but it's really sad that someone lost a baby, just making an ill-advised turn. I think of how many times I've been on that same road with our own one year old baby girl in the car... it just makes you think.

And... with that... I guess that's all the news for today. Tomorrow I go to the dentist... yay... not excited... I have such major dental anxiety after all that I've been through but I have to finish things up dentally-speaking. Tomorrow I begin that process again. And then Thursday is Cosy Day and... we're done with another week that quickly! Hope it's a good week for all of you! Thanks for coming by! Love and hugs, y'all!