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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday with the Kitties

Not much to blog about today but when has that ever stopped me? We can chat about the weather, the cats, my kid, what I've been eating, what's on tv... I mean, life goes on, doesn't it?

Austin has a pitiful case of poison oak. It's spreading and he's miserable. Not miserable enough to take my suggestions of using calamine lotion liberally, taking benadryl to help with the itching and soaking in an oatmeal bath. He's terribly contrary so anything I suggest CAN'T be correct. And so he suffers...

It rained enough to turn the lake muddy over the past two days but the sun is bright today.

Loves when the laptop is not in my lap!
Pop made salmon patties with mashed potatoes and collard greens for dinner on Sunday night. Best... meal... ever! Last night's chili was a close second. I'm trying, honest I am, to make better choices on what I eat, my snacks and so forth. I still have that deadly Little Debbie addiction and I've had more than my share of jelly belly jelly beans over the past week but I have been trying to focus on a more balanced diet. I'm addicted to dried mango and I love black grapes. The only problem with grapes is Little Kitty loves to play Produce Soccer with them. He pulls them out of my dish and then chases them all over the place. I keep finding grapes in various stages of decomposition in random places.
Mother Goose and Father Goose outside my door this morning

Mother Goose and Father Goose have been visiting frequently. I keep hoping so see some goslings soon. These geese are huge and they walk right up to the porch and don't startle easily.
I gave Austin another stab at driving the other day. He did better but ... man... it's not a job for someone with a bad back. I'm tempted to invite his father up for a weekend to have a crash course in driving. Pun not intended but appropriate.

The damp weather did a number on my arthritis. I had to have Austin help me out of the car yesterday. I just can't move like I need to sometimes.

My oldest is in Auburn Alabama right now. Or he was yesterday. He gets around quite a bit. I asked if his return trip was going to bring him through Georgia and he answered with "possibly"... which means "no but I don't want to tell you that right now". Ha. I speak the language of my kids quite fluently.

Little Kitty trying to get Stubby to play with him
It's amazing how much I am loving the little magnifying glasses I bought at Walmart for $5.88 the other day. Makes reading SO much more pleasurable without eye strain. I'm sure an optometrist could do wonders for me but that isn't in the budget for now. One day... one day.

I was disappointed in the outcome of the NCAA tournament. Once Florida got booted I would have been happy for Kentucky to win as I have followed them for years. No such luck. Que sera.

I haven't seen my girls in almost two weeks. They had Spring Break last week and went to New Orleans to visit some friends and so my brother could attend class. He's working on his doctorate at the seminary there. But the girls will be here this afternoon and we can finish up High School Musical 3 and maybe start one of the other movies I've recorded for them. I've got the other High School Musicals, the Muppet Movie (from 2011) and Tangled lined up for us.

Little Kitty has been even more affectionate than usual so I've gotten some adorable (to me) pictures of him lately. He goes exploring every now and then and does a daily inspection to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be... if anything is out of place he stands by it and does his soft little cry until everything is back in it's right place... but most of the time he's right beside me. I'm not sure he moved from the bed the whole time I was sleeping last night - when I woke up he was in the exact same position he was when I fell asleep. I was quite enjoying a good book until he plopped his furry butt right in the middle of it. He does this every night when he's ready to go to sleep. It doesn't matter where the book is - I can even be holding it up - and he will insinuate himself between me and the book. I just take that as a sign that it's time to go to sleep and so I do.

I'm sleeping fairly well lately - about six or seven hours a night. I'd like to sleep more but after that point I'm usually quite uncomfortable. I'm taking half an ambien to get to sleep... I'd love to not need any but that isn't working out so I'm just grateful I was able to reduce the amount.

Checking out the jelly beans

All three kitties hanging out with me

Checking out my goldfish
Anyways... so that's a whole long blog entry about nothing at all! Happy Tuesday! Hope you enjoy the pictures of the kitties!