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My People
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Unfortunate Incident At Old Navy

I have been known to describe a bit of over-indulging as an "unfortunate incident". For example, my mom will say, "do you have any chocolate?" and I'll say, "I did but there was an unfortunate incident with the butterfingers." The unfortunate incident, of course, is the fact that once I start indulging I JUST CAN'T STOPPPPPPP!!

So when I say that there was an Unfortunate Incident at Old Navy, what I really mean is that I overindulged in purchasing things. You see, Old Navy and I go way back. They make their clothes a little bit bigger so you can wear a smaller size that you would with another clothing line. I know it's not a "real" size but it makes me feel better. Their style is very much my style... classic cardigans that match every outfit, soft, comfy clothes. I used to describe my work wardrobe as "business comfy". My wardrobe now is just one step up from things you sleep in... in fact... I generally get dressed right when I wake up and wear that same outfit all the way until the next day when I get up. Cozy, comfy, soft... that's my style. 

I've tried to think of another time I've done a shopping spree for me. My big purchases usually only happen around Christmas and are not at all about me. I do have periodic splurges at the thrift store when I'll come out with twenty or so new pieces to add to my wardrobe for maybe $50 but a proper "all about me" trip for new clothes? Never in my life. My wardrobe was showing some wear and tear. It's not a style thing for me because ... nobody rocks the yoga pants and baggy tshirt like this girl! But I was always afraid I was going to end up on the "People of Walmart" website. The struggle is real. 

The Unfortunate Incident at Old Navy began after the witching hour - which means I'd had all of my night time meds and was just this side of Michael Jackson's last nap. There was a clearance site! There were lots of the things that I really, really love wearing... the tunics, the long tshirts, the big hoodie sweatshirts that I live in during the Winter. There was a coupon code! There was free shipping! They had lots of things in my size... and I ... bought everything I wanted. I ended up with ... brace yourself... this is insane... I'm so embarrassed... I ended up with 22 new tops for me. Granted, these are mostly all "layerable" (is that a real word?) like long sleeved shirts to go under short sleeved shirts so I don't get too chilly in the Whine Cellar. They're all incredibly soft and I cleaned out my dresser to make room for all these new! fabulous! wardrobe pieces!!

But wait! That's not all! I bought a pair of really comfy "lounge wear" pants that ended up being too long for me so I'm gonna pass them to Tasha. I bought a little something for my two older boys so that we can be triplets (wanna guess which one? Hint: my boys don't usually wear pink.) I bought 5-6 onesies for each baby... Cosette got a Halloween themed one, Oliver got a Disney themed one since he's having his first trip to Disney in October. I purchased every single onesie that said either "Nana loves me" or "I love my Nana" because proper brainwashing starts young. And they each got a set of three in the appropriate color for their gender because I also do gender stereotyping with my offspring at least until they have hair and you can tell that they are male or female. 

This isn't all of them! 

Ultimately I ended up with about 36 pieces for a grand total of $363, including tax. It was a lot of stuff but it was reasonably priced. The most expensive things were the two hoodies at about $20 each. It was stuff that I will get years of use out of - my two favorite sweatshirts have been with me for 9 and 12 years each. I just feel so guilty about splurging like that! 

AND WAIT... that's not all! I also have two orders on the way from Zulily that include another 4 or 5 shirts for me and a pair of leggings AND a pair of furry lined crocs so I can part with my Gator ones and fulfill my Grandchild Clause (switching allegiances from University of Florida to Florida State since my sons are huge Florida State fans). I also picked up a few things in Walmart last week. It's been a crazy week of indulgence but that's all for me, for now. Except the tv. I'm still shopping for a tv. The craft shelf I've already ordered (to get all the markers, crafty things and thread up off the floor before a grandchild or two gets mobile) comes on Friday. And that's it. Until I start my Christmas shopping. 

So that's my confession about the Unfortunate Incident at Old Navy. This would be a great time for you to share your own stories of overindulgence with me. Tell me I'm not the only one to do this? Anyone? Bueller? 

More to share in a later blog that I PROMISE will be sooner than 8 days away! Love and hugs, y'all. 


monique said...

I am so happy that you are able to shop for yourself and buy what you want & need.
I love Old Navy. Great clothes for good prices. I can relate to living in comfortable clothing. Life's too short for all that other stuff.
And yes, don't stay away from your blog for another week! That is so unfair.
Have a beautiful day,