My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, October 5, 2015

And Then It Rained...

Things moved to the center of the room
Joaquin was no gentleman. After all the hard work last week to get my living space reconfigured... we got a once in a millennium rain event. He didn't make landfall and we're a long way from the coast but we got the rain and wind, just none of the glory. The Whine Cellar is much more water tight than when we first moved here but we still had a little leakage courtesy of Joaquin. My mom was running up and down the stairs with towels, sucking up water in the carpet shampooer and emptying the dehumidifier hourly. Pop was outside in the dark, pouring rain digging ditches to divert as much water as possible. It was exhausting. For them.

The dreaded de-humidifier & stuff out of place
There are times that it's really frustrating not being able to do things... like dig ditches or carry sopping wet towels upstairs or move furniture. I kind of just treat it like I'm watching a movie or something. It's no help to them if I become less mobile. But it sucks not to be able to help. I did go out and buy my mom her favorite ice cream bars and I treated her to a Starbucks today.

Honestly, the weekend contained a lot of frustration for me. I ordered Ollie some baby earmuffs from Amazon for their trip to Disney. The ones I ordered had a white band. The ones that were delivered had a pink band. Amazon was helpful enough to go ahead and refund the money from the first pair so that I could order a white pair from a different seller but it took a good hour to sort that all out.

My "pantry" plus the not-plus-sized leggings
I ordered some leggings from zulily in my "first time in my lifetime wardrobe overhaul" that were a gorgeous shade of mustard yellow. I'm really enjoying olive and yellow here lately. The leggings were supposed to be "plus sized one size fits all". They were too small for even my mom who is much smaller than plus size. I spent another hour or so figuring out how to file a complaint with zulily since their stuff can't be returned. They were really nice about it and issued me a credit right away. They told me to pass along the leggings to a kid or donate them to charity which I thought was nice. Hoping they'll work for Miss Jamie who is growing like a weed here lately. Ten years old and taller than me already.

Then, along with the storm yesterday our internet went out. The internet is my portal to the outside world! Being unable to access the internet made me feel really unplugged from life! The internet company we have to use has the worst customer service anywhere. They are supposed to call me to let me know when our problem is fixed. It's been working since overnight and I still haven't heard from them. Good thing I didn't depend on them to call me before I attempted to log back on. A lot of people here lost power - so much that the school system is closed today - so I shouldn't complain about the minor inconvenience of not having internet.

Getting almost back to normal
Yesterday I dragged myself into town to get prescriptions filled and misunderstood what time the pharmacy opened. I hate wasted trips. Especially in bad weather. I made an abbreviated grocery run to make the trip seem somewhat less futile. As it turns out the pharmacy struggled all day to be able to access their computer system so if I had gone after they opened it would have been a long wait.

But today the sun is shining and there's a lovely fresh breeze blowing. The internet is working and I was able to get my prescriptions filled. Can I just tell you how lovely it was to get four prescriptions PLUS a dog toy for $7.68? My Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is awesome! I was able to drop off some medical records for my mom to change to my doctor's office and I stopped in for a Starbucks treat for us while waiting on prescriptions. Today, even though my Whine Cellar hasn't been quite put back together, everything seems brighter and I'm much less frustrated. Pain-wise I'm not feeling great but I've been worse.

One fun little thing I wanted to show you is how I've reorganized my drawers. I can't even remember where I got this from but instead of folding and stacking things, I've got them rolled. It makes it easy to see everything at a glance and you can fit more things in the drawer! I've been working on it a little at a time and it makes me so happy to see my progress!

And... that's about it. I'm going to spend the day catching up on cyberspace and resting up for a two grandchild day tomorrow! Love and hugs, y'all!