My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm loved!

After worship service this morning a visiting couple came up to me and asked if I had been out for awhile. I was confused... I said, "Well... not really... I missed last week"... and the man said, "We just wondered what it was about you that made everyone so happy to see you"... I was a little bit dumbfounded... They meant because so many people greeted me warmly before and during worship service... an older couple was there and they volunteered... "It's because her brother sang such a great solo this morning... it's because her sister in law did such a great job leading worship"... and then I (jokingly) said, "It's because I'm so sweet!".

I share that story because it really explains the basics about being part of a loving church fellowship: love and acceptance. To be greeted so warmly that observers KNOW I'm loved... that's pretty awesome, if you think about it.

I looked down while we were singing this morning and saw three pairs of bare feet in a row... me, Stasha and Ciara... I guess we were standing on Holy ground... Or, more like it, we were in a place where we were comfortable enough to kick off our shoes and worship.

Truly, it was good to be in the House of the Lord today.

After church I met with an older couple who are helping me create and keep a budget. I'm not good with money... never have been... and since there's not a lot of it, I have to be more careful with it. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity to get things back on track. They are such precious people.

Sarabeth and Jamie were disappointed that they didn't get to ride in my car and have lunch with me after church... but I promised Sarabeth that I would have lunch with her one day this week. And if I'm through at the doctor in time on Wednesday, we start back to our regular Wednesday night schedule - dinner at church, bible study, AWANA for the kids... I'm so glad our Hen Party bible study is starting back up. This time we're doing a Kay Arthur study - Return to the Garden.

Next Saturday is move in day for the Truett McConnell students. Jim and Angie will be helping with that so the girls are gonna hang out with Aunt Heather. You want to guess what they asked to do? Babyland General.... so I guess we'll be heading to Babyland General next Saturday! Oh well, it's free... so it fits in the budget!

Whew! It's shaping up to be a busy week already! I'm meeting with my mentor couple after church next Sunday to put the figures all together. I'm supposed to get together all my information this week.

Sarabeth didn't want to let me go this morning... she wrapped her arms around me and hung on... she was a little chatterbox - which is a side that most people don't see of SB, she's so shy. She was telling me exactly where her classroom is and asking all the details of my week and when I was going to have time to come see her... someone commented that they'd never heard Sarabeth talk so much. *smile* I bring it out of her! I do love my girls...

And Jamie had the hiccups this morning. I told her we needed to scare her to help her get rid of them. So every little thing that happened she'd say, "well, that didn't scare me... nope... that didn't scare me... not yet... still not working..."

It was good to go to church but now it's time for Pajama Sunday! *hugs*


stasha said...

it is b/c you're so sweet and b/c you're the most amesomest Aunt ever!
and yes being loved and acceptanced is awesome and the that people know you're loved is awesome too! that's why when I love people I SHOW it! I want every one to know 'This is my friend who I love dearly'!
I am so thankful that we can take off our shoes and worship how we want! I cant really worship in shoes at all I just feel trapped or something idk! haha!
you're right it was sooo good to be in the House of the Lord with people i love c=
you forgot to mention the your other neice was disappointed too! haha! its ok I understand! c=
Can I still go to Babyland with you and the girls please?
I know Im in my pjs too c=
love you bunches aunt heather!