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My People
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

my Saturday

I survived Auggie and Devvie's End of Summer Blast last night. They didn't sleep at all. They woke me up 2 or three times. I think it was 3. Devin said I came out and yelled at them three times. Austin says I came out twice. At any rate... it's over.

The sort of raw throat feeling I had... which was in the back of my mouth yesterday... had taken over my mouth by this morning. It is thrush - a fungal infection that is a side effect of the steroid inhaler. Good times! I called the doctor this morning and said, "HELP!" so she called me in some nystatin that I'm supposed to rinse my mouth with four times a day, then gargle and swallow it. I did my first dose and gagged on it. It is insanely nasty.

I went in to work this morning, grudgingly. The truth is that I don't MIND working Saturdays but I'm also trying to keep a delicate balance right now of my resources... time, energy, money.... I'm not allowed to work any over time. I'm no longer allowed to work more than 8 hours on any day. But Duane wants me to work Saturdays. So basically... I'm in a situation where I need to work six days a week and frankly, I don't know how long I can do that. I have two dr appointments coming up in the next pay period and the only time I'm allowed to make up the time is on Saturday so... I guess I'll either be working every Saturday for awhile or I'll have to figure out how to make do on less.

Frankly... it has me a little aggravated. I won't elaborate too much... don't want my mouth to get me in trouble... I'm just worn out. And sick. And today I'm in a stupid amount of pain. When babies have thrush it seems like no big deal but I feel like I'm on fire from my lips to my stomach... it's really uncomfortable.

So I worked this morning and fortunately, sold a health policy that will make me a little extra money...

then I went to see Jim, Angie and the girls... and took them a bag of goodies for their trip to New Orleans tomorrow. I made a scavenger hunt for the girls... things to look for on the road like a police car that has someone pulled over or a stray dog - that sort of thing. I gave them crayons, coloring books, suckers... just random inexpensive things. Sarabeth and I played a few games of Connect 4. Jamie and I made bead necklaces... we had lunch... I didn't stay long but i wanted to see them before they left.

Then I went to the little farm market for some corn, cucumbers and tomatoes. I wanted peaches but they didn't look that good... I bought boiled peanuts...

Then I went to the bakery... had a nice chat with the Amish ladies... bought a lemon coconut pie (thinking that would be smooth and painless - not as much as I had hoped)... I bought a loaf of fresh baked bread.... I didn't spend much, but I do like buying stuff that's fresh and local.

Then I went to the pharmacy to get my new meds... again, thank God for health insurance.... I don't know if I will be able to handle this one... I'm almost at the point of not taking ANYTHING... I'd rather cough my head off than have my mouth feel this raw...

I went home and Austin and Devin were STILL up playing video games. They didn't sleep at all... I told Devin that unless his mom could come get him, that I was taking him home in the next half hour (so that I could take something for pain)... and he couldn't get his mom... so I took him home.

Austin fell asleep on the way back. Austin asked to go to Tasha's church for a back to school rally they were having... I told him no... I knew he was exhausted but didn't want to hurt her feelings so I took the role of the bad guy. He was relieved. He's asleep now.

I'm just watching the History channel and relaxing... that's my Saturday!


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never thought about telling you that...(sorry). Must rinse every time you use the inhalor.