My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekend countdown… in just over nine hours I’ll be curling up in my big pepto bismol colored recliner with my laptop in my lap, ready to surf the net until I drop.

The big news from the office so far today… the plant in my office is dying (I don’t think it gets enough sunlight in here)… I had a travel trailer app that was issued and I had quoted it correctly (which is a big deal because those are rated from the rate book instead of by computer. We have to use our skills) and there’s a bad smell coming from the kitchen. Shirley is trying to determine the cause. So far she’s taken out the trash, cleaned out the refrigerator and sprayed a lot of Lysol. My hair is still really wet and the air is going full blast so I’m chilled. I’m wearing yellow flipflops today. You really can’t have a bad day when you’re wearing yellow flipflops.

Just did a homeowners policy for a new client. Cha-ching! Need some hot tea now… my hair is still wet. My favorite Mexican client came through. He’s asked me out – and his friend has asked me out – but they’re both a little sketchy when I ask if they’re married. I know they have children. Both are nice guys but nice guys sometimes do not nice things and I’m not getting caught up in any baby mama back in Mexico drama. Eight hours until Yabba Dabba Do! Come on Friday! Fly by!

I just gave Theresa the play-by-play on the whole pig meeting last night. They call them hogs. They will be raising “show hogs” and they go “pig shopping” to choose a good “show hog”. I don’t know if that was funny to anyone but me but every time I hear the words “pig shopping” I crack up. Seriously??? We sat through a talk about raising beef cattle and I promise you I looked like a poop in a punch bowl – I couldn’t have possibly been more out of place. How did I go from opera and ballet to heifers and hogs so quickly? I may not be as Sex and the City as my sister-un-law Candice but I’m definitely not country. When they talked about the big event of the school year being the State Fair in Perry, I nearly passed out. Wait… lemme think about it… spending a weekend with a bunch of kids who get their kicks from fattening up hogs. Um. No. Can’t see it. Please! Somebody whisk me away to a day spa before I get manure under my fingernails!

BTW… thanks to Say It Ain’t So, Joe for the goat pictures from your yard this morning. My surreal life. My friends have goats. My son wants to raise a show hog. I’m knee deep in Green Acres without Oliver to guide me. Most people make a drastic move like this because they fall in love with a farmer. I made this drastic move to Mayberry to save myself. I’m laughing. I suppose it worked.

The power went out during the meeting. The power was out all over town, even at our house. They had police stationed at all the stoplights in town to direct traffic. Both of them. We had a lot of rain. The phones went down at the phone company. Who does the phone company call when their phones go down? I don’t know either. Fortunately both power and DISH were back up within 5 minutes of the time that Big Brother started so I didn’t have to miss much of it.

I was already traumatized before the meeting started because Austin had just told me he received in school suspension for today for arguing with someone. Aces. And there’s the detention hall on Monday for PDA with Tasha. And then… my friend Cyndi, who also has goats, was telling me how she’s going to raise chickens next year. I said, “who slaughters them?” She will. I could never. I shuddered. Literally.

Seven and a half hours to go. On my first cough drop for the day. Had my hot tea and it’s not breaking things up today. Haven’t done the rescue inhaler yet. That’s the next step. I feel good. I’m breathing better than yesterday. Not as much pain in the ribs, so that’s good. I didn’t pass Angie on the road this morning… but I was a little later than usual. She may have gotten to school before I went by. Tomorrow we have photos for the church directory. Trying to decide if I want to straighten my hair for it. If I straighten and it’s’ humid then it will be a frizzy mess. If I leave it curly and it’s not humid, it may not be curly enough. Decisions, decisions.

Working on a builders risk policy – which is basically a home under construction. It’s a little bit different process and I had to put on my thinking cap. It still fits, fortunately. Seven hours. Also working on a homeowners policy without a whole lot of information from the insured. Flying blind a little bit. It’s just an estimate hoping to get to quote his property. We’ll see what happens. Sometimes you gotta put a little Nancy Drew into the process to get a new client. I’ll do what I have to do.

Just realized I had some documents fr0m last week that I haven’t scanned in yet. Oops. Doing that now. Still need to make my marketing calls for the day. I try to do those before Ginger goes to lunch… close my door… knock ‘em out. I hate cold calls. I feel like a telemarketer. My self-esteem is not high enough to take that kind of rejection. So I try to get it done and out of the way. Six hours and twenty minutes. I’m thinking Taco Bell for lunch, especially if the weather is nice and I can stand to have a car picnic.

Keep going back to the builders risk. Trying to decide the best way to present the application – with the appraisal or the builder’s estimate. No contract. I don’t do this often enough. A little research in the rate manual to see what I have to have. Every day I learn something new. Sometimes Amy, Whitney and myself send emails to each other to announce/celebrate new bits of information. Even though Amy’s in Atlanta and Whitney’s in Jacksonville, I still “work” with them. I love my girls.

Down under the 5 and a half hour mark. About to go to lunch. Gonna put my game face on for a bit and get some stuff knocked out/sell some stuff hopefully this afternoon. Y’all have a good Friday! Love and hugs!

PS... gotta a little sumptin' sumptin in the mail today! Woohoo!