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My People
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

whiny Wednesday, one day early

I might be grumpy. I'm not sure. I napped a bunch today... and it was nice... I love my cozy little nest. I'm going to list my gripes and peeves here, just to get them out of my system. Let's call this Whiny Wednesday, a day early.

It aggravates the stew out of me that they keep making a big deal about Hurricane Bill, which will probably never touch land. Big waves. Big deal. It means that the next big storm will be ignored because of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" syndrome.

I'm aggravated that I have to pick Austin up at the school at 8pm. Not a lot aggravated, just a little. I'd be awake anyways. It's not far. It's not painful. I'm glad he's participating in extracurricular activities. So I guess I can take that off my list. I'm not really aggravated.

I'm aggravated that I don't have sick leave at work. After working for the same company for 7 years, I should have sick leave. Even if I've worked at different locations. Kathy aggravated the stew out of me but at least she gave me sick leave from day one because she definitely benefitted from my experience from day one. Just one of the little things that makes me feel underappreciated. But... God is faithful. He always makes a way. I took a sick day today but I know that I really needed the rest. I've done everything the doctor has recommended except take time off. so there you go. One day. Now I should be well, right?

I'm always bothered by hair colors that couldn't occur in nature. I have a few little wispy grays and I don't want to cover them... one, because it will dry out my hair and two, because it will take three boxes of hair color to cover this curly mop... but also because when I see a hundred year old woman with flaming red hair I want to scream, "Give me a break!". I saw a woman at the Rite Aid this morning with completely white, nicely styled hair. She looked beautiful. Way more beautiful than she would have looked with flaming red hair... or even worse... that blue black that can't possibly occur in nature. Or fushia. Or blonde hair on a dark skinned woman. You ain't foolin' nobody!

It's grown dark while I've been typing so it must be raining outside.

Hillary Clinton aggravates me.
The idea of national healthcare aggravates me. Go to the DMV or the social security office and then tell me that you want to receive your healthcare that way.

Double drive thrus aggravate me. People can't figure out the etiquette and end up all mad at each other. Not me - but other people.

People who call here wanting to collect money that my ex-husband owes aggravate me. He doesn't live here. He's never lived here. I don't know where he lives. I'm sorry that he hasn't paid you. You're barking up the wrong tree. He never told me who he owed money to when we married and he's surely not giving me an accounting of his accounting now that we're divorced.

Both my ex-husbands aggravate me. Neither one seems to be living up to their commitments. Financial or otherwise.

Having to be the bitter ex-wife aggravates me. I'm really a nice person. I'm not a nice enough person to ignore reality.

It aggravates me when they serve spaghetti for Wednesday night dinner at church.

Stubby the 3legged Wondercat's Kamakaze Kitty routine aggravates me. I'll be walking through the kitchen and he'll throw himself in front of me. One day I'm going to trip on him and it's not going to end up well for either one of us.

It also aggravates me that Stubby thinks that we should always share the same space... and that I should assume crazy yoga positions to accomodate him. Kitty's comfort comes first, apparently.

Profanity aggravates me. Especially when it's not necessary to articulate adequately.

Chronic bronchitis aggravates me. I know lots of people have it lots worse. I warned you that this would be a whiny post.

It aggravates me that I get a hundred hits a day on this blog and nobody ever comments. (Shameless ploy to get comments).

Austin dumped half a bag of cat food out and Stubby has a cattitude about it and doesn't want to eat it because it's not new food. Every day he needs to hear the rattle of the bag over his bowl... so I took the bag and rattled it from the closed end and he thinks he has new food. Ha!

Ok... I feel better now. There are lots of great things and great people in my life and I am waaaay blessed. Have a good evening, y'all.


Anonymous said...

Natalie goes to school with two girls (sisters) who are natural-blonde black girls . . . I'm amazed by it and can't stop staring. Some type of genetic twist.

I'm a freak of nature myself. My natural blonde hair now wants to be dark and what isn't dark is grey. So I'm still blonde, just not so naturally anymore.

Had an echocardiogram today . . . don't know if I was supposed to be flattered that she got "really pretty" pictures of my heart. Just glad it's there and still beating, albeit a bit slow and erratic.

Is your 2nd ex-husband actually an ex-husband now? Haven't heard if your divorce was final.

Why would either ex-husband give out your telephone number to creditors?????

Love you ~

lisabug said...

Our cat chewed through the bag everytime there was food in the dish and it was not fresh, had to go buy a plastic storage container to outsmart him.

I am glad that Austin is getting involved! I am praying that you will get some type of relief health-wise!

LYN said...


moshell's lilbit of space said...

Richard (my hair guy) SO wants me to put color in mine to cover up a "few" grays. I just can't, well WILL NOT.

I agree....with MUCH you have to say....

and yes. GOD IS GOOD.

Michelle said...

I have been faithfully covering my grays since my early 20's, but now I started adding red streaks and it makes me look so much younger, I have a 27 yr old son and get mistaken all the time for his wife, and that makes me feel young so I think i will keep it up. PS sorry I dont comment much, but I do read you all the time. Have a nice day

ginger said...

I never commented on any blogs I just like to read, I'm sorry your followers aren't commenting. I have gray hair at age 70 and I agree with you on the red and black. ugh Take care of yourself you are a good person.