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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my tuesday... so far...

I had lunch with Sarabeth today… definitely one of the perks of living up here in the hills… being so close to her school. Nothing beats the look on her face when she saw me stick my head into her first grade classroom today. Nothing. Not a new pack of sharpies. Not a pajama day. Not a big old Styrofoam container of sweet tea. Not banana pudding with cool whip. No kinda nothin’ nowhere is better than seeing her face light up and hearing her say with pride, “that’s my Aunt Heather”. I hope she’s always that excited to see me!

Even better was the fact that kids in her class remembered me from last year. I love having roots. I love knowing the kids’ names. I took coloring books for all the kids in the class (from State Farm, of course). It’s free advertising for the agency and I don’t mind being the cool aunt who brought stuff for the kids. Hoping that I’ll be able to have lunch with her often. They eat pretty early, which makes for a long afternoon for me, but it’s so worth it!

Next year Jamie will be at the same school as Sarabeth – I’m not really ready for Jamie to be in kindergarten yet so we won’t talk much about that – but then I’ll have to do a two-fer lunch- and see both of them. Sarabeth was so sweet about it… she said, “She’ll be at the same school but she’ll be on a different hall so I won’t hardly see her”… Awwww… I said, “well, you’ll get to ride to school together…” Right now Jamie’s school is a little too far for me to go in a normal lunch hour.

Still having the feeling of having swallowed broken glass. About the only thing that helps is hot tea… and it has to be right at the perfect temperature. When it is… I drink a bunch and then I take four potty breaks in the next hour. Crazy. Altoids sorta help – the mint stuff. Either way, whatever I do, I’m so OVER it. *whine* *complain* You get the picture.

Trying to think of anything else exciting and new to talk about… hmmm… oh, I was THAT mom today. Austin had left for the bus stop and I noticed his agenda laying on the kitchen table. I was dressed but my hair was soaking wet … I walked to the bus stop barefooted with wet hair to take the agenda to him. I couldn’t help but laugh when I got back to the house and realized what I looked like… *teehee*… at least I didn’t have rollers in my hair and a housecoat on.

Theresa and I just did our Lucy and Ethel in the candy factory impression. She was trying to generate a list of people over 50 for potential life sales. I showed her where to retrieve the list. She was going to take it from there. You can print a summary or you can print a detailed list. She picked the detailed list instead of the summary. The detailed list was going to be 125 pages. She tried to delete the print job. It didn’t work. I tried to help her… and paper was shooting out of the printer so fast! We were sticking those sheets of paper everywhere. I mean… we RECYCLED that paper… Kelli… honestly! Now we’re wondering who will try to print from that printer next and what will happen….

Anyways… y’all have a great day. More later, if anything blogworthy happens.