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My People
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

whiny thankful whatever day

I think I’m ahead of schedule on here. I had Whiny Wednesday on Monday and Thankful Thursday on Wednesday but the truth is… I’m working on a little bit of both today. I lost out on a car loan that I had brought into the agency because I wasn’t here when the guy came in to complete the paperwork. That bummed me out this morning. I hate missing out on the credit and commission for something that I essentially sold… I just wasn’t here to do the paperwork. But… on the flip side… I just feel so darn good that it’s hard to feel bad. I had an awesome card on my desk that had come in the mail after I left the office yesterday… one of those talking cards that says, “you’re awesome”… Ha! Ok, well, if you insist! I hung it right beside my pictures of Cody

(yes, Cody, there are pictures of you on my desk… I know you think I have more pictures around of Stephen than of you… but that’s just not true! Stephen’s on the fridge where I HARDLY EVER GO and you’re on my desk where I spend a thousand hours a week!) (Speaking of Stephen – Happy 20th birthday, kid! Sorry I am not there to take part in the festivities… I’ll make you a mix cd of all your favorite show tunes and get it in the mail to you… that would be a BLANK cd!)

Yesterday I had my second head CT scan this year. They didn’t find anything. (Gosh… I’m funny today!). I don’t know what they saw. They don’t tell you. To me it was just one of those bogus extraneous things they do… but because of the cysts/growths that keep happening in various places, the pulmonologist wanted to see if there was any change in that one… since it’s the only real marker we have. Then I had my lung function test and that was QUITE a workout! I haven’t had that much heavy breathing since… well, in a very long time. A long. Long. Long. Time. The lady who did the testing was super sweet and they got me out of there in time to get home, get changed for church and get to church in time for supper.

Except. My son Lostin had disappeared again. He wasn’t supposed to go to Tasha’s since he skipped school on Tuesday. (Have I mentioned that yet?) Yet, that’s exactly where he was. When I went to pick him up he asked if Tasha could come to church with us. Far be it for me to deny someone the opportunity to go to church… so we made our way and got ALMOST to Helen when traffic came to a halt. First of all… there shouldn’t be traffic on a week day in Helen. Secondly… well. I guess that first point is the most important one. There was a fire at a shop across the street from our church… I’m not SURE exactly which building it was… it looked to be in the rock shop where they sell all those fancy colored rocks and boiled peanuts… but I overheard someone saying that it was the building where the palm reader is. You would have thought they’d have seen that coming! (Ok, I admit, that wasn’t my joke, I just overheard it and thought it was really funny!)

I’m skipping around but I just remembered… the respiratory lady said that my lung capacity looks good but there’s an odd sort of hitch in my breathing which would be consistent with the granuloma blocking part of the airway. This was the whole point of having the testing done… to see what we have to work with/ work around. The good news is that my breathing improved after doing an inhaler so it’s quite possible that the entire solution is to do what we’ve been doing as far as treating the symptoms. That testing really got me coughing and brought up a lot of ick but that was helpful in it’s own way.

Last night… supper at church… got lots of love from Sarabeth who is going through an affectionate stage. It was incredibly sweet to have her and Jamie come running when they saw me… lots of hugs… and I just happened to be waiting at the door on their way out so I got extra hugs. Austin and Tasha were nowhere to be found when it was time to go last night… seriously, that kid is driving me crazy. It took awhile for us to get out the door and on our way and I was worn out by the time I got home… it’s been a busy week.

My bible study class is awesome, I’m having a great time with the other ladies. Our study is on sexuality so that’s …. Interesting. Actually, to be more specific… it’s about body image and being uniquely female and God’s plan for covenant marriage (which you know I’m HIGHLY in favor of! Marriage is *supposed to be* forever!) and it’s about staying pure in body and mind and faithful not only to your husband but also to God… and how the marriage relationship is similar to the relationship between Christ and the church. I have to honestly say that I’m struggling with some of it because I’ve been so tunnel visioned toward thinking of myself as the Old Maid Aunt and have just NOT thought about men/relationships/etc.

Things are getting busy around here… hope you guys have a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Don't think if I ever mentioned this to you before . . . dad was diagnosed with COPD maybe 2 or 3 years ago. He was out of breath and stayed out of breath and couldn't catch his breath. His lung function tests were awful. Probably related to 20+ years of smoking, although he quit smoking about 30 years ago. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if he had not quit smoking. He went on a course of therapy that has included specific medications that I don't remember, but I do know that he has used two different inhalers at specific times during the day. He has been weaned off most of the medications now and I believe he is only using one of the inhalers now and they are weaning him off of it. His lung function tests have greatly improved and he is feeling much better. I was pleasantly surprised that his condition could be reversed. Doug's mom has extreme asthma and hers is related to prolonged exposure to second-hand smoke. She never smoked a day in her life, yet she worked during a time that her co-workers could and did smoke while at work. She really struggles with it.

LYN said...

i just posted...
no happy friday here...