My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

feeling groovy...

I had a profound blog entry written in my head last night but didn’t have time at the time to commit it to keystrokes. Now I’m in a moment of peace… feeling like things are being handled beyond me. Above me. Ahead of me. I share what I share because it helps me – not only in getting it off my chest but also in earning the earnest prayers of the saints. God is good like that. When I’m weak, then He is strong.

So I guess you could say that instead of a pity party I’m more in the mode of a prayer party and I have more guests than I ever expected. Unless you’ve been the recipient of prayers of righteous men and women… you can’t know what I mean when I say that I am being carried. I look around at some ugly, unfair, mean and frustrating circumstances and I wave my magic prayer wand like Glenda the Good Witch saying, “prayed for. Prayed for. Prayed for.” And just know that whatever comes will be for His glory and my good. I’m confident of this.

The up side is that I’ve lost 5 and a half pounds in the last week and that my appetite for sugar has fairly disappeared. I’m craving healthy stuff. This may be the breakthrough I needed for my weight. I’ll take that. Stress diet.

Saturday they’re opening a brand new bigger Babyland General and I have plans to go with Angie and Sarabeth and Jamie – and Natalie and Jorjanne. It’s gonna be a great big gooey, frilly, girly day and I can’t wait! And then I’ll go home and watch football for 12 hours to keep the balance.

Time to clock in and start my day. Keep those prayers going up! We’re gonna make it after allllll!


Unknown said...

I always wanted to go to Babyland General. I have an original adoption doll and she needs a little repair. I hope you have a great time. Prayers are with you:)

Big Mark 243 said...

I often find profound words escape me when I try to actually make an entry. Keep up the faith!

stasha said...

I know exactly what you mean! our circumstances might be different but I know exactly what you mean! I love you Aunt Heather and I was so glad that I got to see you tonight! I'm still praying for you!