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My People
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Saturday Observations

Home. Watching football. Standard Saturday. I worked a few hours this morning - sort of a command performance as it has been threatened that unless I work Saturdays, I will no longer be able to leave work early enough to go to church on Wednesday nights. Which stinks. So I worked this morning. It confusing for me because I can't work ONE MINUTE over... and a few weeks ago when I saw that I was going to be over... and asked if I should a) leave early on another day or b) not work Saturday... I got a "I need you in the afternoons during the week more than I need you on Saturday"... and then I got in trouble for not working enough Saturdays.

I don't know if you've noticed this about me but I don't do well with ambiguity.

But now I'm home. Comfy in my nest. Watching football, as I mentioned earlier. Waiting on the Florida game to come on at 3:30. Flipping back and forth between the Ga Tech vs Duke game and the Tennessee vs Ole Miss game.

Have you ever noticed that the blue and red shakers that the fans have at Ole Miss look purple when they shake them? You'd think they could do something about that. They look like LSU fans.

Georgia Tech is creaming Duke, which is sad because it seems so unfair... I mean... Duke is a basketball school. They shouldn't even play football. Their quarterback just hurt himself in a NON contact injury. Spun around and twisted his knee. It was so awkward. Bless his heart.

It's ridiculous how much football I watch on Saturdays.

My head hurts. I was late taking my blood pressure medicine today. That always gives me a headache. It shouldn't. My blood pressure has been practically perfect for the past two years but whenever I stop taking the meds, I get headaches. Actually... I'm on this particular bp medicine because it is also used to prevent migraines. Then, while I was at the office, the nice landscaping man was there and he had weed eaters and leaf blowers going nonstop for about an hour and that noise really made my head hurt. I also didn't eat much breakfast. Just an apple.

Today is Ryan's birthday. Not only did Austin not know it was his brother's birthday - when I said, "it's your brother's birthday" he said, "which one". Nice.

Austin and I decided against going to the bakery today. No good can come of it. I want an apple pie and if I get an apple pie I'll eat an apple pie. So I didn't get one. That's my diet plan right now. Just say no. I even passed on banana pudding when Austin and I went to North Georgia BBQ for lunch.

College cheerleaders tend to look like ventriloquists, don't they? That pasted on smile while they holler out "go Gators" or whatever without moving their lips. It looks kinda silly.

Ole Miss is a much better team than they've gotten credit for this year. The SEC is awesome.

I just realized that I never had any coffee this morning because I was planning on taking Austin to Waffle House and then he was being a grouch so I didn't. That's why my head hurts. So I'm going to find something with caffeine in it and take a migraine pill. I wish my head wasn't so high maintenance.

OH... forgot to mention that we have a court date! My divorce goes before a judge on December 14th. I confirmed with the court clerk that I do NOT have to be there. Thank God. That would wipe out all of my meager Christmas funds... just on gas alone. I'm pretty sure I could find somewhere to stay. Although in a way... it would be nice to have a few days off... I think a few days in Jacksonville that close to Christmas combined with a face to face with "he who won't be named" would push me over the edge. Combined with a loss of a few days income.

That's it for now... hope you have a happy Saturday. Love and hugs!


Tawnya said...

I have horrible migraines too. So I feel your pain! The weather really kills me here in Michigan.. Florida was not much better either though,sigh.