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My People
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving plans a through d

Posting during my lunch today. It's too damp and chilly to go out. I'm taking a short lunch since I'm leaving early for our church Thanksgiving dinner tonight... and it just didn't seem worth going out... I ate a lean cuisine in the office.

I'm trying not to think about my brother Bryan and my sister-out-law Candice having lunch at a fabulous restaurant in NYC before going to see Hamlet this afternoon. I mean... they deserve the fabulousity of a place like this: I recommended the tuna ribbons... as if I have any idea...

My oriental chicken lean cuisine was good. Reminded me a little bit of the canned chicken chow mein that we had growing up. Minus the crunchy noodles.

I missed breakfast this morning... spent too much time online and then had to hurry. I had a handful of almonds. Breakfast of champions...

I'm so conflicted on what to do over Thanksgiving. NOT where to go, just the whole logistics of it all.

My carefully constructed Plan A was to drive down Thanksgiving morning with the girls - so I could spend a little time with them before - have lunch with the fam at my Aunt Ginger's (best aunt in the world, up until I became an aunt). I planned for Austin to go to his dad's for dinner and spend the night. I was going to spend the night at my parents' ... have breakfast with my friend Mary... and then gather Austin from his dad on Friday and head home.

Except... Austin's dad doesn't want Austin overnight. He's working the next day and it would be "too much trouble" to keep him overnight. He's 15. It's not like they're getting up in the night with him or anything. But... there you go.

There's not really room at my parents' house for me... much less me and Austin... Cody was going to let me have his bed... and so it looks like I would have to wait it out for Austin's dad to bring him home and then drive home at late-thirty Thanksgiving night.

Which... as much as I want Austin to have some time with his dad... really is inconvenient for me. I don't see well at night. It gives me a terrible headache to drive into headlights. It's a two hour drive home. That will make for a long day - and a stressful drive home for me. And... honestly... Austin's dad has only seen him once since last Thanksgiving and hasn't even made an effort to call him. I called and threw a fit last weekend or he wouldn't have even asked about Thanksgiving.

So... right now I'm operating on Plan B which has us driving down and back the same day without Austin seeing his dad.

Unless... we can come up with a Plan C... where I go ahead on home... and have Austin's dad bring him to my parents on thursday evening and my parents bring Austin back with them when they bring grandma home on Saturday. But... I haven't talked to them yet so I don't know if that will work. It would mean an extra person at their house for a day and a half... since grandma is staying with them... and would require some Cody/Austin bonding which rarely happens. But would also allow me a brief break.

Because... although I love Austin dearly... he takes a lot of energy.

I also have thought of Plan D which has me leaving home early enough to be at my parents' house in time to watch the Macy's parade because I hate missing that... but I don't know.

I still want the girls to ride with us... because they're fun and funny and they'll spend a lot of time in the car that day... so why not spend part of it with me, right?

And now my lunch break is over.
Have a great Tuesday... which is really my Wednesday...
love and hugs!


James said...

How about a weight loss program with an iron clad guarantee?

Missie said...

I hope you have a good holiday no matter which plan you decide!

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten all about that canned chicken chow mein until now. I don't remember it being anything I'd like to have again.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

mawmaw said...

I tried to call you Monday night, left a message I think, We have plenty of room for you and Austin. The heat is on next door so Auggie and Cody could camp out there if they wanted to.Grandma would love to spend some time with you and you could visit with Mary.
Love ya

slj said...

My sons father lives 4 blocks from us and he hasn't seen Jeremy for over a year..
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

moshell's lilbit of space said...

did you get to watch the parade? Our H.S. county band played...Adair County.....

they were AWESOME...