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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, November 23, 2009

my Monday

Today flew by… crazy busy!
I got asked out by a 69 year old man today. He said, “is there any chance you *do* old men?”
I said, “to be honest – I don’t *DO* anybody.”
As if.
Later I found out he has quite a bit of money.
Maybe I should make my taste match my pocketbook.
Oh well.
We’re getting our end of year bonus next week. That makes me very happy. It will go a long way toward helping me end the year with all my bills paid.
That’s my goal.
I’m working on my Thanksgiving entry in my head. My friend Amy asked when I was going to send it. Apparently she needs inspiration.
I guess we all do.
I don’t know why I’ve started posting in sentences instead of paragraphs.
That’s how I think so it makes more sense to me.
Ginger got locked in the kitchen today. We heard her knocking but didn’t know where the knocking was coming from. It was funny – even to her.
A client brought by loaves of banana nut bread for us today – the first of the Christmas goodies.
I’m planning on having mine for dinner with real butter. Maybe the whole loaf. I’m kidding. Not the whole loaf.
A little more about my brother’s big case – it was really a huge deal – FICO vs. Experian – over whether or not FICO can be the only credit scoring system. He represented Experian.
Tim Tebow only has 3 more games in a Florida Gator uniform. That makes me sad.
My grandmother will be with us at Thanksgiving. That makes me happy.
I have a loaf of banana nut bread. That makes me happy.
I need to do my Thanksgiving shopping. I should have done it already. No chance avoiding crowds now.
I hate crowds.
I have the new Selah CD. It’s wonderful. Another thing that makes me happy.
T-minus 20 minutes until lift-off.
Love and hugs!


Bookncoffee said...

Enjoyed your entry. Somedays I need to write in bullet points. lol

stasha said...

You make me happy! =]

LYN said...