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My People
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Friday, November 13, 2009

World Kindness Day

I had an entry just about written today when things got ridiculously busy for me and I just closed it without saving it. I’m glad I waited. I needed a time out. The first entry was really whiny.

Here’s my reality check: people don’t always do what you think they ought to do. Let’s just call that the story of Heather’s life. Husbands cheat. Ex-husbands don't send child support. Kids stay out past curfew. Etc.

Here’s the flip side of that: sometimes people far exceed what they are obligated to do. That’s the subtitle. The saving grace. My reason to keep going.

Today is World Kindness Day. I know it’s late in the day to be sharing that… but hopefully you’ll make good use of the information. I’ve had a few disappointments today… I guess I had to be reminded *yet again* that it’s in my weakness that God shows me His strength.

So for those of you who went above and beyond the call of duty… thank you! I want you to know that every little “are you ok?” email, comment, phone call… makes me more ok than I was before I heard from you. Not one hundred percent... but soooo much better!

I had lunch with my brother Jim today and two little girls who were playing hookie from school. Well, Sarabeth has had strep throat but she’s anti-biotic’d up enough to have lunch out – just not well enough for school. Jamie got a break… I mean…. She’s 4 and she can practically read… she’s not going to flunk out of pre-school or anything. The girls didn’t KNOW they were having lunch with me… so their excitement was the BEST medicine for me when they got out of their daddy’s truck at the Zaxby’s and saw Aunt Heather standing there and squealed and jumped up and down and flipped their lids. Gosh, I love those girls!

Angie has been in Connecticut for a seminar or something or other. Since she’s going to be head of her department at the college next year, Doctor Gant has to go to these educational gatherings. The girls told me she was going from Connecticut to Raleigh and then Atlanta and then home. I asked if they knew where Raleigh was… “where the planes go???” Good answer. I said, “North Carolina”. Sarabeth the cartographer said, “is that in North America?” Yes, dear. I wondered out loud if Angie’s plane would be delayed due to the bad weather in the Northeast. Jamie said, “does delayed mean CRASH?” *laugh* “No, honey, that means LATE”. The things that go through their minds.

Speaking of crashes - an elderly couple, clients of mine, were in an accident today. They were sitting still and a crash occurred and the vehicles in the crash crashed into them. They weren’t hurt but they were upset. Worried. Concerned. The man was initially NOT kind… but after a time… and a lot of charm on my end… he felt better. I did what I could to get them into a rental car. The nice policeman took them home. It’s still stressful for them but I *think* I made it somewhat better for them. I think I was more than professional, I think I was kind.

People can’t live my life for me… they can’t take away the hurts and bumps and bruises and disappointments from people who don’t do what they ought to. Somedays I just need a little extra kindness. Kindness goes a long way.

Think about it.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

yes it does...and I need to remember that more often.