My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's been another fabulous football Saturday here at my house... the Florida game wasn't televised here but I've watched a lot of other good games. I'm settling in to watch the Georgia / Kentucky game now. Kentucky hasn't won in Athens since 1977. It would be interesting to see that record fall. I doubt it will.

I was up at 8 this morning... watching Sportscenter and then Gameday. I wasted a little bit of time but it had been quite a few days since I'd had the opportunity to do that... I worked last Saturday morning and then we went to church on Sunday. I think it was ok to be a little bit lazy.

Austin and I went into "civilization" today... I didn't realize until we were on the road but this was the first time he had been out of the mountains since July. Crazy! Now that we have the new Walmart in town, we don't have to drive the 30 minutes plus into Gainesville every other weekend for *supplies*. I've had two trips to Atlanta and a few trips into Gainesville for doctors appointments but no real shopping trips. We didn't shop today either but we did wander around Best Buy and the christian book store for a little while.

We went into "town" to see Ryan and Cody's friend Josh and his wife Megan and take them some insurance papers. They're such a sweet couple... love watching "my" kids grow up.

Austin asked if we could stop at this nursery that sells bonsai trees about halfway between Cleveland and Gainesville. There weren't many people there so the guys working had plenty of time to chat with us and show us their inventory. It was pretty interesting. The stuff they have is ridiculously expensive but the tiny little trees were little works of art. We had a good time.

I missed out on the grand opening of the new Babyland General but it was good to spend some time with my little Lost-in.

Incidentally... I had my bedroom door shut because the light shines in his eyes when he's watching tv... and when I stepped out just now... he's gone. I don't know how to get it through his head that he can't just randomly disappear. Of course... he's been doing it his whole life. When he was itty bitty he used to open windows, push out the screens and get out. We had a big mastiff dog that used to bark to alert me if he escaped... a few times the next door neighbor called and said, "I've got Austin"... When his brothers played ball I was forever losing him at the ballpark. Even when he was in the stroller... he would stretch his feet to the ground and move his stroller away. He's an escape artist. No matter what I do... short of tying him down... and honestly, I think he would gnaw through the ropes...

I'm excited about church tomorrow. After church I am going to HAVE to do some laundry. I have a huge pile of clean laundry waiting to be put away. The rest of my house is cleaner than usual. The tub still needs scrubbing.

That's our exciting Saturday! See why I don't normally blog on the weekend?

Love and hugs, y'all!