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My People
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

first week, frustrations, fabulous fox, etc

The first week back on Weight Watchers is in the books... I completed one entire week with almost no sugar, no white flour, nothing fried... completely on track and within my point limit. That has never, ever, not once happened for me. I am stoked!

The best thing is that I never got hungry... I never felt deprived... I didn't suffer or feel like I was sacrificing. In fact... I felt well fed and satisfied all week. Good times.

Yesterday at work was weird... Theresa and I have both been feeling sort of stymied and stagnant sales wise... she sits in the back, away from the office traffic and feels like she misses out. I feel overwhelmed with answering questions and taking payments and feel like the constant traffic keeps me from staying focused on sales... so we switched places yesterday. She got a life policy and a bank loan... and I set a few appointments and sold a business policy. I'm still discouraged... but at the end of the day, I know that God is in control. She felt extremely encouraged, so I feel good about that. I'm trying... but I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall, trying to be a square peg in a round hole. I'm not a salesperson. I'm just not. I'm a caretaker, I'm empathetic, I'm creative and artistic but I'm not a salesperson. Unfortunately... right now I'm in a place where I'm being paid (or not being paid, as the commission case would be) to sell. It's a major dilemma for me and a constant source of frustration.

I got my feelings hurt yesterday... not about work, but about this whole situation with the kids' dad being missing, not paying child support and me not having any way to contact him. I was feeling really blue ... But... I got home from work and had this incredibly sweet letter in the mail from Jorjanne thanking me for all the things I do for her and telling me that I was the best aunt ever. I totally needed that! In case you didn't know... I really AM the best aunt ever! (after my aunt Ginger, who was the best aunt ever before me).

We're heading to the Fabulous Fox theatre in Atlanta today to see Little House the musical, courtesy of my dad. Angie and I have planned to have lunch at the Varsity. If you've never been to Atlanta, you can't fully appreciate the Varsity and the deep history it has in Atlanta... but it's a rite of passage that every kid needs to have and we're so excited to take the girls. I even looked up the nutritional information and calculated the WW points for what I plan to order. It will use most of my points for the day, but that's ok. It's all part of making Weight Watchers a lifestyle, not a diet. Enjoy it, count it, make adjustments in the rest of the day...

Next weekend Angie and I are going to see Grease at the local community theatre so we're really taking advantage of Jim being in Kenya to have a lot of girl time. I love my sister-in-law!

Ok... here's what I ate yesterday:
breakfast: 1 cup of strawberries/blueberries, dannon light and fit yogurt
lunch: 3/4 black beans, 1 cup brown rice, salsa verde and lowfat sour cream
snack: boiled egg, grapes
dinner: 1 cup taboule, 1/2 avocado, 1 cup spinach
I also had a snack of lowfat triscuits and reduced fat cheddar cheese... it was more to satisfy a need to munch than out of hunger. I still stayed within my point limit for the day.

My weigh in is in one hour... I'm hoping for at least a two pound loss. That's my goal for this week. After that, I'll set a goal of one pound per week but the first week back on the wagon should be a bigger pay off. I hope. Hope. Pray.

Hope you all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

You are for sure the Best Aunt Ever! and if anybody tells you any different, they're wrong. period. and I want in on some girl time too! Love you Aunt Heather! See you tomorrow in church!