My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stuff that's not blogworthy that i'm sharing anyways

I wore the wrong underwear today… the kind that makes wedgies. I hate that.
I’ve been using the same sonic cup for a week now. I think that’s a record. Styrofoam cups with lids are the bomb!
I’ve had a zit in the same place that a beauty mark should go for a week now.
I love cleaning out my email inbox. It makes me happy.
Came to some resolution about the life policies today. It was productive and peaceful. This is what I had prayed for. We shared our thoughts amicably. I love it when folks act like grown-ups.
I’m coughing. Angie called this morning and she could hear in my voice that I was congested. It’s just what happens sometimes. I don’t feel bad.
I’ve been wearing my hair curly this week and I hate it – but there’s no point of putting time into straightening it when it’s just going to frizz.
Payday always stresses me out. It’s my reality check of how much I owe vs. how much I have to spend. The day before payday is the best because I realize I’ve made it to another payday.
No word from Robert Sauls in the past week since I asked when he was planning on paying child support. It’s been 4 weeks now. Here we go again.
Driving home from work yesterday I passed Austin and his friend walking “to town” along the main highway that intersects Cleveland. He was barefoot. He was born to be a country boy.
Yesterday I noticed Sarabeth’s hair is getting redder. I think mine is getting lighter – in addition to getting more grey streaks.
Today I wore two shirts layered because the bottom shirt has some grease stains on it. Then… I bit into a cherry tomato at lunch and it squirted on the top shirt.
I’m a mess.
But at least I shaved my legs this morning. Bitty Kitty can testify… he supervised. He’s fascinated with the shower. He watches the whole time I’m in the shower.
Sometimes I feel like he’s judging me.