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My People
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

thinking about numbers

Ha! My sister-out-law Candice said she’s going to fit me with a scram bracelet that goes off if I cheat on my eating plan… it’s going to be programmed to play “Fat Bottomed Girls”. Cracks me up! I told her I know I sound like Lindsay Lohan saying, “this time I’m really going to do it”…. But I am!

I’ve got this whole timetable worked out. I have to lose 78 pounds to hit the WW goal weight for my height. If I lost one pound a week it would be exactly a year and a half. When I lose more than one pound a week, it moves the timetable up! That’s a great way to stay focused for me… working on the time and not just the numbers.

For example – my 78 pounds at one a week takes me until 12/10/11 to hit goal. BUT… since I lost two extra pounds last week, that moves my goal date to 11/26/11! And of course, the flip side to that is when I don’t lose a pound, that pushes the date back again. I’m marking my outlook calendar every time the finish line moves.

If I lost a pound and a half a week, for example, I could be at goal in just one year! How cool would that be? I'm more realistic with it, though... a pound a week is perfectly doable. It gives me something to celebrate every week.

And, truth be told, my WW goal is not necessarily my "real life" goal. I just want to get to goal with WW so that my meetings are free. Once you're at goal you're considered "lifetime" and as long as you weigh in once a month and stay within a few pounds of your goal, it's always free. If you go above goal, you have to pay again. Financial motivation, you see.

My 25th high school reunion is next year… not one hundred percent certain I’ll go, but if I do, I want to be closer to what I weighed in high school… which varied from 105 to 115. I already blew my chance to be thin at Cody’s wedding… for the rest of our lives, those pictures will be my “before” pictures.

Honestly, though, anything below 150 is comfortable for me. There's this tiny size 5 cheerleader inside of me and she can't get out when I weigh above 150.

Angie is having a jewelry party tonight - Premier, I think it is. I love sterling silver - it's all I ever wear - and they have a good selection. Angie wants me to put some stuff on a wish list for future giftable occasions. I may buy one piece for myself, as well. A new ring, maybe.

*sidebar* my love for sterling silver and my appreciation for the more affordable type of bling is what makes MJD's fake diamond wedding rings so ridiculous. I'd have been happy with a simple silver band... which he could have gotten for $30. Instead of him going to such extremes to pull a ring scam on me - letting me think I had a massive diamond that was only moissonite - and building our marriage on a foundation of fabrication from the very beginning - what a sad, sad thing. Although I haven't thought much of him lately, to be honest. Life is just too good!

Anyways... back to the jewelry part. I'm not a fan of in home parties, nor am I a fan of post work activity. Socialization after work is hard because socialization is such a huge requirement of my job. After work I just want to be quiet. but... Jim's in Kenya and I try really hard to be supportive of Angie who is always my biggest cheerleader. But... because Angie knows ME so well, she said, "hey... you want to take the girls to VBS tonight?" and so I will go by after work, check out the wares, pick a trinket or two and then spend some great quality time with my favorite girls, drop them off and head home... and everybody will be happy!

Gotta grab something to eat before my lunch is over. and I think I have to pay the satellite bill. Happy day again!