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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, June 11, 2010

Little House... and other attitude adjustments

A few quick minutes of my lunch to update my post from this morning. There is good and bad in everything. Life is a challenge. My life is more challenging than I would prefer but easier than others. I’m so glad to be in a stage of life where my obligations are fewer… no babies, no small children, no kids to haul back and forth to little league, no demanding husband to appease… but there are times when the burden of being single is heavier than I would like. It’s lonely – not in the sense of being bored and miserable because my life is filled with wonderful people and exciting opportunities. It’s lonely in the sense that when I mess up, there’s nobody but me to fix it. Or so it seems. God is good. He continues to fix my mistakes and I have a loving support system in place.

So… although I don’t have the perfect marriage or the perfect career or the perfect body… I am perfectly me and I am so glad of that.

The exciting news is that Angie and I are going to Weight Watchers tomorrow. She is a lifetime member. I’m a big ole WW dropout. I had asked for Weight Watchers for my birthday and there just hasn’t been time. Tomorrow there’s time!

After that, we’re going to start our Little House on the Prairie book club, the girls and I. It looks like we’ll be meeting at Jim and Angie’s around noon (for Stasha or anyone else who is interested in joining us) We’re starting with Little House in the Big Woods – we’ll read out loud to start with so that we can discuss as we go along. I don’t know what level of reading comprehension the girls are at. All of them can read – Jamie is just starting kindergarten but she’s a genius and can read anything. Sarabeth has just finished first grade and is also a genius and has been reading since before kindergarten. Jorjanne has just finished 3rd grade and is just as smart as the Gant girls… but none of them have read this series before and a lot of the words and terms are unfamiliar to them. Sarabeth and I read a little bit together two weeks ago and she was struggling to wrap her mind around the idea of not having electricity or cars and having to butcher your own meat. I’ll plan to read out loud with them for now… and maybe as we get further into it they’ll want to read some independently. I think we’ll eat pork rinds tomorrow… the first chapters talk about butchering a pig. I have some word searches for them to do, too. I’ll blog about what we do so you guys can read along. I love the idea of rediscovering this series thru the eyes of a new generation of little girls. Pop has bought tickets for me, Angie, Sarabeth and Jamie to go see Little House, the Musical next Saturday. I know that will give them a real visual of what Laura’s life was like.

Anyways… we’re short by two people today. Shirley’s doing her tour of duty at the other agency like I did last week. Theresa came in for a little while but her heart is just shattered over the loss of her dog. She went home after about an hour. I’m doing a late lunch because of it… but holding out ok. Once I come back from lunch there will only be 2 ½ hours left to my work week!