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My People
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Friday, June 25, 2010

my random observations of weight watchers

today is day 14 back on plan... that went by fast, didnt it?
i read a quote yesterday that said "it may take a long time to get to your goal weight, but time is going to pass either way... "
that's how i feel... might as well eat healthy.... i have to eat anyways
you can't quit food cold turkey like you do any other drug
today's new jam is crispbread with sliced banana drizzled with almond butter... I melted the almond butter so i would use less... it's awesome!
ok... here's one of atlanta's news stories today... police arrested a guy who was pretending to be a dentist and seeing patients inside his mobile home.
um... my first clue would be the mobile home...
if you're thinking about going on weight watchers (or any weight loss plan) here's my advice: plan ahead
plan every meal - if not before that day, at least first thing that morning
know what you're going to eat before you get hungry
don't get hungry
i have been slicing veggies in advance so they're quick to add to soups, stir frys and salads
i've been keeping boiled eggs in the fridge for easy, quick protein
i've completely eliminated treats... which was huge... i was having at least one indulgent dessert a day
plus... the constant open box of goldfish or crackers or chips or something salty
those mindless snacky things living beside my nest have been eliminated and...
haven't missed them
last thursday i had a mini-pig out on shrimp
last night it was crispbread with this amazing cilantro jalapeno hummus I found
i really need a food processor, i'd like to make my own hummus
weight watchers has been easier this time around but i think it helps that i've learned so much about food... cooking... what foods are triggers for me
i mean, honestly, i could live on donuts and pizza and stay within my points but i wouldn't lose weight because sugar, flour, grease make me retain weight, increase my cravings and make me feel sluggish
it's not just about fuel, it's about the top grade super premium best stuff i can afford
and it turns out the best stuff isn't expensive
austin has been asking for some of my turkey veggie meatloaf so i put the ingredients in the handy dandy weight watchers recipe builder...
so glad it's friday!
looking to a quiet weekend.... at least a quiet saturday...
going to see grease on sunday at the holley theatre in dahlonega
gonna be another hot day
time to get my casual day glam going...
love and hugs, y'all!


Dutch said...

I make my own hummus and what a difference from store bought. I think you will like the taste better. Keep up the good work. Good luck with weigh in. I weigh in tomorrow.