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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, June 21, 2010

the shift key has died

before i begin blogging... let me add a disclaimer... my right shift key is completely out of order which makes capitalization and punctuation (exclaimation points in particular) very difficult. i'm not trying to be ee cummings or rosie o'donnell or anything... just trying to communicate without stress. sorry if this offends any of my scholars out there.

watching fox and friends... theyre talking about a law in virginia that outlaws illegal aliens. that phrase just keeps echoing through my head. we're in such a ridiculous state of affairs that we have to pass a law to outlaw something that's already illegal. doesn't that seem redundant? ineffective? why not just enforce the first law? it's sad that we need to make more laws to do what the original law didn't do.

saturday was awesome! we had such a good time... we met mawmaw and pop at the varsity and had a nice lunch. we got to the fox in plenty of time and had great parking and great seats. the girls were very well behaved and enjoyed the show (except for the love scenes - which are mild but sb still found them "icky"). little house the musical covers a period of time in laura's life when she was 12-16 - recapping certain scenes from the books. the music was good... the set was very simplistic and the set changes were done by the performers in a very seamless way, which i found interesting. melissa gilbert was good... the sweetest part of the show came during curtain call when the girl who played laura pulled melissa back to center stage to take a bow with her and melissa kissed laura's hand... i got a little teary eyed (so did angie)... melissa gilbert was such a huge part of our childhood, to see her all grown up and still a part of the story and influencing another generation of laura ingallses was really sweet.

it's summertime in georgia and hotter than usual for june. we're in a hot weather pattern that is supposed to last another week at least. hopefully this means we're getting the hottest weather out of the way now and it will moderate some. i hate the heat. makes me feel drained and lazy.

weigh in saturday went very well... i lost 3.4 pounds!!! i had really hoped to see at least two pounds but my weight fluctuates throughout the day so i wasn't sure that it would work out but it did. i didn't stay for the meeting because we were heading to the city... so next week when i stay for the meeting i'm hoping to have reached my first five pounds. i can do 1.6 pounds this week, right?

it's day 10 today... i guess i didn't blog my saturday or sunday menus yet...
b - boiled egg, 1 cup of blackberries
l - chili dog and onion rings at the varsity in atlanta - along with a few of jamie's fries
s - a couple of bites of popcorn
d - grilled tilapia and roasted asparagus

because i ate light the rest of the day, i was able to stay within my point limit even though i had the greasy lunch

b - 1 cup of canteloupe, 1/2 cup of blackberries
l - veggie burger, fajita veggies (peppers and onions)
s - miso soup, high fiber wheat thins with reduced fat cheddar
d - sea bass marinated in wine & chopped garlic, sweet potato with spray butter and 1 tsp brown sugar
s - fat free tapioca pudding

Last night I really wanted something cool and creamy after dinner. i need to get some fat free cool whip and freeze it for those type of emergencies but honestly, i've been avoiding keeping snacks in the house so that i don't think about munching. i'm trying to reprogram my brain to not think i need to snack - because i don't need to snack. the afternoon snack i've been doing every day has been an effort to keep me from coming home from work famished - which is when i make bad dinner choices. when i'm driving home from work and i'm starving, even though there are not a lot of restaurants up here, there are places that i will stop and pick up really unhealthy stuff to eat. so really, my daily snack is more a pre-dinner so that i have time to prepare a healthy dinner. so far it's working pretty well. but... to be realistic... and develop a plan that i can live with the rest of my life ... i have to make accomodations for those times that i really want a snack. as long as it's a treat, not a daily routine. know what i mean?

weight watchers has been tweaked a bit since my last tour and exercise actually starts NOW ... in the second week... but it's looked at as "activity" instead of exercise... saturday because we were in the city, there was some walking involved - not a lot, though. yesterday i made an effort to do housekeeping type of activity with some bursts of intense cardio (jumping jacks). i'm not exactly where i want to be there, yet, but it's a process.

austin is such a vampire... he stays up all night and goes to sleep around 8am so he's been bouncing in and out of my room all morning. i enjoy his company but miss my quiet morning... time to glam and dash... staff meeting at 8. happy monday, y'all...