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My People
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

whiny wednesday came early

It’s hot and I’m tired and whiny.
I’m also really excited that I’m having such a good time with WW this go-round.
So maybe that makes me a tad bit bi-polar. Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.
Two people that I offered life insurance to in April bought from one of the other agents today. I’m really bummed about it. Not only do I not get the MONEY… I don’t get the credit when I was the one who put the whole insurance idea in their head to start with and spent an hour explaining the types of policies available.
Feeling like Rodney Dangerfield in that respect, in that I get no respect.
I know and trust and believe that nothing happens by chance in this life and that this disappointment is only meant to teach me something.
I’m not going to write another whole long whiny post about “why me, God?” and “why NOT me, God?” because that serves no purpose.
I’ll just mention it here because it does bum me out.
But not in a “go eat banana pudding” kind of way. Which makes me happy.
It’s good to be able to not relate every emotion to food.
I feel like an alcoholic… celebrating 3 days of “sobriety”. No snacking in 3 whole days. 3 whole days on plan. And halfway through a 4th. That’s good stuff.
Austin asked at 11pm last night from his friend’s house – wanting to know if I could take his friend to work in the morning. Um. No. See…. I’m just not a nice person at 11pm. Some people aren’t nice first thing in the morning. I am. But once I’ve fallen asleep and you wake me up to try to induce me to do something. Nope. Not happ’ning.
And it’s not like it was on my way or anything… it was 30 minutes in the opposite direction – an hour out of my way. Really, really not.
I felt a little mean about it. I mean, people are good to us and from a karmic standpoint, I probably should have but here’s the thing:
If he had called at 2pm yesterday and asked for a ride, I would have made sure that someone – if not me, someone – could have gotten him where he needed to go.
But I couldn’t just ditch my own responsibilities for someone who had obviously not taken responsibility for the things that happen to him.
Gosh, I’m really tired.
So consequently, after being woke up JUST as I was falling asleep… I couldn’t sleep and that makes two nights in a row which makes me feel sluggish.
Jim and Angie have gone to Six Flags today. He gave her a pass for her birthday and since he’s leaving to go to Kenya in a few days they wanted some mommy/daddy time. Sarabeth had soccer camp so I picked her up and took home where Stasha is watching her until Jessie gets off of work. It truly does take a village sometimes. I’m so blessed to be a part of that village. LOVE those special little times in the car with my Bethy-girl. She’s so precious, silly, fresh, fun… And she was so durn cute all sweaty and red faced from soccer camp… but still so very dainty …
She asked if she could go ahead and read the next chapter in Little House or if she had to wait until the club meeting… I said, “go ahead!” I had hoped they’d be interested enough to want to know more. She asked, “what exactly IS a book club?” I told her it was when people were reading the same book at the same time and they got together to talk about the book. Sort of like Sunday School.
Anyways… working on being less bi-polar… happy, happy, joy, joy… God’s gonna bless me too. I’m working hard. It’s bound to pay off sometime, right?


Anonymous said...

Just curious about how that whole life insurance quote process works ~ you quote the premium and spend your time and effort explaining the policy (probably comparing multiple policies to help them decide what they need) and when the customer makes the decision they want the insurance . . . you don't automatically get it? The agent who happens to be in/answers the phone when they make their decision is who gets it? Just curious about how that works and if that occurs in other SF offices or in just yours. Sounds like you should at least get a referral. That bites.