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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Friday, October 1, 2010

fabulous fall friday!

Happy Friday! I'm heading out the door in... oh, five or ten minutes... to have my annual checkup that I haven't had in two years. Mainly I'm wanting to check blood sugars, cholesterol, etc since I have been working so diligently at improving my diet. But it's also to recheck and make sure the strep is gone and have that invasive, unpleasantness that every woman must go thru. Thanks again, Eve. I'm not excited about going but I am grateful that it's covered under insurance, without deductible, so I shouldn't have to pay.

Other than that... it's just another day in paradise. I don't mind working - much- but I do so very much appreciate my weekends. I'll be back later with a real entry...


It's now the tail end of my lunch time... Friday is ticking by!

The doctor visit went well. My lymph nodes are still swollen but she said my ears and throat look fine. She was impressed with my blood pressure, especially since we decided to postpone medication to see if I could control it by diet. My doctor has been so supportive of my decision to avoid pharmaceutical interventions. She ordered blood work to check cholesterol and all that happy stuff. She ordered a mammogram... it's that time again. Ugh. The good news is that they have Saturday appointments.

It is simply the MOST beautiful, Chamber of Commerce day you could possibly imagine and we're predicted to have that kind of weather all weekend. I fully intend to be out among the 3-D people this weekend, soaking it all up.

I'm also determined that I am going to exercise every single day of October. I got waaaay of track this month with the strep and I know that I won't continue to be successful with the weight loss if I don't exercise. I'm not going to be training for a marathon, not this month, anyways, but I do want to get in at least 15 minutes of activity every single day this month. I'll aim for more but I'm giving myself that as a minimum. November we'll bump it up to 30 minutes a day because I want to counter act my Thanksgiving eating. I will not count points on Thanksgiving day.

Time to get back to work... love and hugs!