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My People
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Monday, October 18, 2010

reasons to love Monday...

I posted a facebook status last week that said, "It's not that I don't love my job... it's just that I love my weekends more"... and that's so true. And honestly... the only reason Monday is tough is because it's the farthest we get from the weekend all week. Other than that, Monday isn't bad. Right?

Here are my reasons to love Monday this week:

1. It's PAYDAY! Praise God... we made it through another long pay cycle even with the added expense of a trip to the southside and the absence of child support. Again. It took a loaves and fishes miracle... but God always provides.
2. I had a great weekend with Austin. He had been so moody last week... impossible to deal with... disagreeable... but this weekend, he was downright pleasant.
3. I think I've found a phone plan for Austin and I that I can maybe afford. We will be checking that out when we get child support again. It's still a pay as you go plan, but it is a better deal than what I have now so I should be able to actually use my phone instead of drastically rationing.
4. I fixed my hair last night so I just have to touch up, add war paint and the glam routine is done.
5. I also got out of my magnetic nest that had sucked me in all day and put up laundry for the first time in three weeks. It only took twenty minutes... Austin timed me... and we listened to a cd that his brothers had made me years ago. It was fun.
6. I have reached a lower weight so I have fewer weight watchers points now... and so far, so good. What this really means is that I have to, have to, have to... no way to avoid... exercise from this point forward because I'm going to need those activity points or I'll truly be eating twigs and berries to stay under my point total.
7. Caramel apple coffee creamer... I added a few grains of seasalt - try it, it's yum! It feels like an indulgent expensive Starbucks drink but it's not.
8. And while we're loving on the morning shot of liquid courage... I've been drinking Folger's black silk coffee and it's an excellent bold blend for people like me who love strong coffee. Plus... the container makes a handy dandy storage container once the coffee is all gone. I'm planning to redo underneath my bathroom cabinets with my folgers tubs.
9. Mild weather is forecasted all week for us... it looks like I'll be able to go a whole nother week without having to use the a/c or the heat! The longer I can go... the lower my power bill! My goal is to get ahead on my power bills while I'm in this honeymoon phase with them.
10. I found the library book that I had misplaced.
11. Leftover pasta with chicken sausage and collards for breakfast... mmmm!
12. 3 bean salad for lunch with some fresh bread from the bakery... lots of good eating for me today!
13. My potato soup alternative for dinner... can't wait to warm up a bowl!
14. I'm officially at my lowest weight since I left Florida... my lowest weight since summer of 2008.
15. Fall in the North Georgia mountains is so beautiful that our weekends are packed with tourists... our weeks are back to normal and those of us who are smart enough to live here can enjoy the views without the crowds.
16. Bitty Kitty curled up UNDER the covers with me last night... it was the sweetest thing!
17. New guilty pleasure: Sister Wives. I really want to hate that Kody guy but he's really suave and charming. I can see how he could convince four women that they don't mind sharing him.
18. One last reason to love Monday... it only comes once a week!

I'm sure if you dig deep and think hard... you'll find reasons to love Monday too! Hope you all have a great day and don't worry... Tuesday will be here before you know it!


LYN said...

U really like Kody?? I can't stand the way he bounces around flipping his hair...LOL..

Melissa H said...

Hey Heather! Congrats on your new weight, you're almost down 30 pounds..GO YOU!!! I know what ya mean about Sister Wives.. it's interesting.. at first I told myself I wasn't going to watch it, but I got sucked in...LOL