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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, October 23, 2010

what's cookin'?

big ole pan of onions and peppers... i added sliced chicken sausage, garlic and a mess of collard greens... then served it over orzo... really, really good!

massaged kale salad... this is where you take chopped fresh kale and add olive oil and sea salt and literally massage it until it's limp... this time i added roasted beets and red onion... and red wine vinegar... and a little minced garlic...mmmm!

this is the peppers, onions, sausage and collards before the orzo was added... this will makes 8 servings at 4 points each... (but I had two servings for dinner because I had points to spare and it was soooo yum!)

austin thinks it's hilarious how i store my fresh greens... it keeps them crisp... that's some fresh sage in the middle, not sure what i'm going to do with it. any suggestions?

the colors in this photo have not been adjusted... you can see that the fall color isn't that bright yet - not at a distance - but the sky was so blue today!
this is the view from the farm... next week is the last farm market for the season. it's going to break my heart to not be able to go there every week and munch on whatever Nadine is cooking and get hugs from Rose and Philip... chat with Caroline... and just enjoy the beautiful views. they may catch me trespassing...

last night i had dinner with Joshy and Megan. We worked on their life insurance policies and then went to dinner at Pueblos in Clarkesville. Josh ordered this bubbly hot lava rock concoction which smelled amazing. Megan was working on a school project where she had to interview a parent of a child with special needs... it was really fun to hang out with them... dinner was awesome. I didn't cheat, not even with the tortilla chips and guacamole - a huge weakness of mine - i only had four chips and only one of those had guac!

close up of the lava rock... can you see it bubbling away like a witches caldron?

this is from last week's menu... my stew of sweet potatoes, turnips, collards, pureed pumpkin, kidney beans, etc, etc... i still have leftovers of it.

Austin has spend the night company again tonight. I don't mind... they're good kids and they've been cleaning up after themselves (with only a few gentle reminders). The girl from the other night has been here all weekend. I'm not a supporter of co-ed sleepovers but I think this little lady needed a place to feel safe. I'm not worried about there being any hanky panky going on because Austin is glued to them every second ... not because I asked him to but because he's socially awkward like that. Sometimes that whole aspergers thing works to a parent's advantage. We got a little bit of child support (not even half what it was supposed to be) so I ordered pizza for the kids tonight. Logan's mom brought over some more sodas. I bought halloween candy and cookie dough (Logan's favorite) and eggnog (Austin's favorite). Missy hasn't asked for much...
Tomorrow I'm rounding out the menu by making taboule and I think that's going to keep my lunchbox and dinner tray happy for the rest of the week.
For the rest of the evening it's me, the laptop and the remote... living large!


Becky said...

Delicious looking food! Hope the weigh-in went well.