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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, October 9, 2010

saturday morning musings...

I really love this picture of my Jamie-doll with Cinderella, snagged from her mama's pictures from last week... Jamie genuinely LOVES Cinderella... and Jamie gives the best hugs. Sarabeth lets you hug her... and I always tease her that she's suffering my hugs but not hugging back so she laughs and gives me a good squeeze... Jamie squeezes like a boa constrictor.

Just a few random things...

Weigh in this morning, as always, weighing heavily on my Saturday morning mind. I don't expect huge results this week and will be happy with anything less than a gain.

Must exercise. Ever since the strep throat, I'm out of my routine and there's no reason. I love the way it makes me feel... once I'm done. The weather is gorgeous, I could walk. I'm just busy with other things that have less consequence.

You know... I really have eliminated all "useless" calories from my diet. I don't eat anything that doesn't play some vital nutritional role in my health and well being. The next step is for me to eliminate useless activity from my life as well. I need to play farmville less and walk more. It's that simple. When you have limited resources of time and money - and in my case, calories, since I want to stay within a healthy calorie range that will allow me to lose weight - you have to be very purposeful in how you use those resources. It clicked for me with food, now it just has to click for me in the other areas of my life. I love evolving this way.

I was worn out yesterday... but I went ahead and did the bulk of my cooking for the week so that I would have some to share with Pop. The time investment and money investment are virtually the same... I just doubled what I was doing and can split with my daddy so he has a few healthy meals without having to take time to cook. I would dearly love to have the resources of time and money to be able to prepare meals for everyone I love. I'm such a believer in how good nutrition can change how you feel. Especially with my mom as sick as she is... I really want her to feel good.

That's what's great about discovering new things in your life... it inspires you to share with others. Pay it forward. Pass it on. So when you have that annoying sibling who is harassing you to read a book they loved or watch a movie they loved or try a new restaurant or whatever they're trying to share... know that they just want to share the things they love with the people they love. Isn't that a happy thought?

I made turkey veggie meatloaf - which will henceforth be known as fingertip loaf as I chopped off a chunk of my right pointer finger while peeling a turnip for the loaf. It bled a lot and I worried that I was going to have to phone a friend or phone 9-1-1 as I started to feel light headed. I remembered to lay down with my hand raised above my heart and applied pressure to stop the bleeding. I washed, applied neosporin and put on a tight bandaid... and it seems to be healing nicely this morning. Crisis averted. And I don't think any flesh made it into the fingertip loaf. Which, by the way, turned out really yummy! My fingertip loaf has ground turkey, mushed chickpeas, pureed turnips, carrots, two kinds of peppers, onions, apple... and a good measure of ground flax. It's packed with healthy stuff. Austin had 3 helpings last night.

I also made my 3 bean salad with black, dark red kidney and northern beans... cilantro, diced turnips / peppers / red onions, red wine vinegar and olive oil. It smells heavenly! Have you tried raw turnip? It's got a nice spicy - almost radish flavor.

I've got taboule "cooking" - to prepare bulgur wheat for taboule all you have to do is pour boiling water over it and let it sit... which is why it's one of my favorite salads to make. Super duper easy peasy... no watching. Then you just throw in some fresh chopped veggies, mostly tomatoes... add lemon juice and olive oil and it's good to go.

I'm going to pick up some of Nadine's salads at the farm today - probably a little chicken salad and pimento cheese - although my dad makes the BEST ever of both - Nadine is a close second so I think he'll like what she does.

After weigh in, a visit to the bakery and a visit to the farm we're heading down to see my parents and Cody and Marquee. We'll only stay down for the afternoon and head back home this evening. It will make for a long day but we need to go. Next weekend is Sarabeth's birthday party... I'm going to try to find her present today. I don't know what i want to get her...

I'll try to update my weigh in results via twitter... and will probably be online later. Hope y'all have a great Saturday! Love and hugs, y'all!