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My People
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

sunday morning stuff

The window is open and the rooster in the backyard crowing like he's auditioning for something. It always makes me grin when I see a rooster in the backyard. It just seems so out of context for my life. I mean... how did Suburb Sally end up in the country... rooster adjacent?

Florida lost big last night. It was no surprise to me... I watch a lot of football and I knew that Alabama was really good and that Florida was really struggling. It's cyclical. The Tim Tebow era has ended. I wonder how long it will be before they broadcast a Florida game without mentioning Timmy? I expect this to be a rebuilding year for Florida. I still enjoy watching them play. I just don't feel disappointed when they lose like I did when Timmy was playing.

Weekends aren't long enough. I got some things done yesterday but not everything I wanted or needed to do. And this morning... I don't want to move. I should go to church. I'm crazy lazy about not wanting to get up on Sunday mornings. I've been invited to go to a Rocky Horror rehearsal and chat with the director about the show. I'm motivated to do neither. All I want to do is go for a walk in the crisp fall air. I believe strongly in the need for worship and fellowship. I also feel strongly about the need for spiritual renewal apart from a crowded church building. Today I just want to soak in the sunshine.

Unfortunately... I ate two cheesy breadsticks last night. Papa's Pizza has these "piggy sticks"... breadsticks with cheese and bacon. I ate two small ones last night. Pointwise, I was fine, totally within my points... but my system canNOT handle the grease and I won't be getting far from the potty in the near future. Good reminder.

I watched the documentary Supersize Me last night and this morning. I fell asleep during it last night... I woke up to the replay this morning. I still haven't seen the whole thing all the way through but I got the premise of it... you know that I am a vocal opponent of fast food... high fat food... nutritionally empty foods... and it amazes me that it took me that long to *get it*... and amazes me even more that other people don't get it. My diet principles are fairly simple:

If your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize it as food, don't eat it.
If it contains words that you can't pronounce, don't eat it.
If it would never rot, don't eat it.
If you don't know where it came from or how it's made, don't eat it.
If it makes you feel bad, don't eat it.
If it has no nutritional value, don't eat it.
If it has addictive potential, don't eat it.

And honestly, it's not restrictive to eat that way. I have enjoyed my food FAR more in the past (almost) four months than I have at any other time in my life. I have had such a huge variety of flavor combinations. I have enjoyed being in the kitchen. I have enjoyed having meals prepared in advance, knowing what is available to eat. I love that I never have to rush around at meal times trying to figure out what to eat. I love that I'm saving money by not buying restaurant food.

I'm trying something new this week... I've replaced the fat free coffee creamer that I normally use in my coffee with almond breeze. I'm trying to concentrate on getting more calcium into my diet and I'm not crazy about milk.

Last night I ordered pizza for Austin and his friends... (that's how I had a piggy stick)... but instead of pigging out on pizza, I fixed a big bowl of miso soup. I bought the packet of miso soup mix... added spinach and mushrooms from the salad bar at the grocery store... added one chicken tender that I had grilled... and it was a really nice meal. The piggy stick was just a little treat.

I also had angel food cake yesterday. A slice of angel food cake is 2 weight watchers points! I bought the cake at the local bakery... it's entirely different from the angel food cake you buy at the grocery store. This one tastes like my grandma used to make... and she would invert hers on a glass two liter coke bottle. It was always funny to me to see those cakes hanging upside down in her kitchen.

My cooking project for today is a turkey veggie meatloaf for Austin. Other than that... I have no idea what I'm going to do today.

I need to shave my legs. It's not a huge thing... because nobody sees them since I'm single. But I worry that I will be in an accident and the emergency room people will judge me for my hairy legs. It's not "no-shave November" yet so I need to do a little maintenance but... Bitty Kitty likes to take all the razors and hide them in his treasure chest. I don't know where his current treasure chest is.... but I'm sure it's full of razors, hairbands and empty toilet paper rolls. Therefore, I have to go buy razors in order to be able to shave my legs...

So... having said that... you pretty much know everything that's on my mind this morning. I hope you have a Super Sunday!


Jeanne said...

I thoroughly LOVE my Pajama Sundays because I really believe we need one day a week to just...BE. And have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever we want....even if it is NOTHING at all!! However, we have started going to Church again (although not entirely regularly I must admit) and I cannot get into Saturday night, that does require getting OUT of the pj's on a It's a dilemma for me....Today, we are not doing Church cause we have a work BBQ with my husbands this week it is no pj's AND no church....some Sundays just don't work out at all! (lol)