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My People
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Monday, October 11, 2010

reasons to love Monday

Reason to Love Monday

1. Our computer system is down today… making for an unusual morning... but we’re trudging along quite nicely. My customers have all been understanding. There was the one woman who asked if I had the number for Farm Bureau. I did not.
2. I took an early lunch in hopes that our system would be restored when I got back. Not so much.
3. Since I went early… the weather was quite mild and pleasant on lunch whereas later it might be a bit too warm.
4. I went to the library and there was a good selection of “new” books… of course “new” is a relative term in our little rural library… that means that it was written this century. But I’m excited about what I have ahead of me in the literary world in the next two weeks.
5. My lunch was good… healthy… not too filling… 3 bean salad and red grapes.
6. Breakfast was also yummy… nadine’s chicken salad on blue diamond nutcrisps… cooked squash…
7. Not sure about dinner yet but there is some grilled chicken in my fridge that would be good… and some unusual, yellow fleshed sweet potatoes from the farm.
8. My mom went home from the hospital yesterday. No word on the pathology reports yet but she’s following up with an oncologist, either way.
9. My friend Amy’s grandmother – the one who raised Amy – is in the hospital battling a serious leg infection and appears to be headed for an amputation. Barring a miracle, it’s scheduled for tomorrow. That’s not a reason to love Monday… but it’s a reason to appreciate trudging thru a complicated work day and to realize that my worst problems are minor, momentary troubles, not life changing events.
10. Another friend from high school has a sister who last year had a ruptured aneurysm in her brain that kept her at the brink of death for months. She survived and has fought hard toward recovery… relearning to walk and talk and trying to regain independence. Just last week in therapy she fell and broke her hip… and the surgery to repair the hip revealed metastasized, malignant colon cancer that has spread throughout her body. Her prognosis gives her weeks, not months to live. The family is trusting God and believing… and accepting that this time her healing will likely come in Heaven and not here on earth. I’m so grateful to be able to witness their fortitude and peace.
11. Last week’s struggle gave birth to a new, closer relationship with a friend. I’m glad to be on the happy side of things.

Hope you’re loving your Monday, too!


slj said...

Glad to hear that your Mom was able to go home. Hope things go well for her.