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My People
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Friday, January 7, 2011

down the rabbit hole

It's a happy Friday in our world. Coffee is good... kitties are not hissy/pissy... boy is on his way out the door for school... it's casual day at work and I'm in my comfy jeans. All is well.

The big news in Hooterville is that there's a winter weather event scheduled for Monday. Even though I don't relish the thought of a lost day of work... and although I fear the potential loss of power that always accompanies these kind of icy storms... the potential of another 3 day weekend makes me giddy. I can't help it.

This is the first 5 day work week I've worked in a month and honestly... it hasn't been that bad. I do enjoy my job. It's no coal mine... it's a rather pleasant environment... I enjoy our customers... my co-workers are awesome and my boss is a fun guy. I mean... there are a lot of worse ways for a girl to make a living.

Austin is having his buddy Logan spend the night tonight which means things will be slightly chaotic here over the next 48 hours. Logan's mom is working tomorrow, the boys haven't hung out in awhile and I figured... what the heck? They're loud and messy but they are cut from the same cloth and they really understand each other.

The last entry that I quickly posted yesterday was from Beth Moore's blog. She wrote about a ministry for people with hidden disabilities. I would consider Austin's autism "hidden"... as he is so high functioning, normal looking/acting and honestly... he really is a normal kid... he just processes things a little differently. Things were much tougher when he was younger and more immature... but we still, obviously, face challenges as a family unit.

I've got to make a grocery run today... I can't remember the last time I did anything other than a quick trip thru the store. Probably around the last time I worked a 5 day work week! We're out of meat and fresh produce. And cat food... almost... can't run out of num-nums in this house! There would be a mutiny!

You have searched me Lord and you know me. That's my memory verse... and although it's short, it's sweet. Knowing that He knows me... and that all the skeletons that I fear others finding, He's already seen... and according to the rest of the bible... has chosen to love and forgive me despite all the wicked things I've done.

Time for me to put a little breakfast together... and a little lunch... run a brush through my hair and a different one across my teeth... maybe put on a little war paint and find some shoes. Gotta get this Friday thing started if it's ever gonna end, right? Tomorrow is Jamie's birthday party so I'll have lots of cute kid photos to post over the weekend... and then we'll hunker down and wait for God to show us some different scenery for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I hate sleepovers!!! Hailey had one last weekend, which means we are good for another six months. LOL It's hard because her room is right next to the little girls' room - so there's no sleeping for anyone. Hope you get a SNOW DAY! It takes like 20 inches for us to get one around here. Mike and I are going skiing tomorrow - my first time in 15 years! I am excited!

Anonymous said...

I am doing my very first ever Bible Study. And it's a Beth Moore one. Its the one on David. I have to say...I feel like I'm way in over my head just after day one. And tins of homework with it. I hope I can keep up. I'm in a moms group and thought it would be like that. Totally different. LOL. This year is my year to draw closer to God and to really LET GO and LET GOD have HIS WAY with MY LIFE. I know there Is SO MUCH God wants to do with my life if I just let go of the CONTROL and let God have it all.

SEEING YOUR LIFE CHANGE this past year or so DUE TO LETTING GO AND GIVING IT ALL TO GOD has really inspired me Heather. I'm ready to live my best life ever. I'm ready for God to take over my life. I'm ready to let him.

Love u girl! Never Surrender!
Love and hugs,

Heather said...

Yay for skiing! Be careful, Mel!
Jen... the David study IS really deep. Not all of Beth's studies are that in depth but you will learn, there's no doubt. And I sooo love David... he messed up so much and yet was loved by God. What a great inspiration for those of us who mess up! I highly recommend that you do the Breaking Free study. It will change your life.
*hugs to you both*

Missie said...

Happy belated New Year!