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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

whiny wednesday - snow daze edition

Photos were hijacked from a friend's facebook page... I didn't actually get out and drive around. I will, however, here in an hour or so...

the iconic indian mound in Sautee Nacoochee... covered in snow...

windmill in Helen, Ga

Helen, GA

my lovely church... Helen First Baptist... buried in snow. There's no bible study tonight... another of the lovely little country churches that dot our rural county... looks like a Christmas card photo!

I will be venturing out this morning. Reports are that the roads are mostly clear - at least the main roads. My commute requires me to take Hwy 115 to Hwy 105 to Hwy 441 - all main roads. Once I get out of my subdivision, I should be fine. I'm a little nervous... and I'll be mega cautious. I'll pack my blankets/water/snacks/kitty litter as per instructions given for winter weather driving. And I'll go with God. It's not a long trip... I need the money... and I'm sure we have a lot of clients in need of assistance. Like a good neighbor...and all that.
Truth be told... I'm stir crazy. Not bored. I never get bored... there are too many things that interest me. But I'm ready for a change of scenery and want to get some winter weather photos of my own instead of having to snag from others.
From my nest, with the blinds open, I can see headlights on the hill heading down into our subdivision and those headlights seem to be proceeding without trouble.
Austin has another day off of school... ironic, isn't it? Just a week ago I was meeting with all the powers that be related to his education discussing his reluctance to attend school... and since that meeting... there have only been two days that he COULD go to school. Honestly... since our county is so mountainous and has such remote areas... they could be out all week. I live in town which gives us the best shot at getting out... folks that live up on the hills, up winding dirt roads, may have more trouble digging out.
So I've been talking to a new guy... we're gonna call him The Nice Guy... because he really seems to be... and I'm intrigued with an invitation he extended for me to come and work out with a group of friends at his house. He said it would be less pressure than a one on one meeting and it's fun. He may just be the spark I need to get my activity level up. I'll keep you posted.
It's a little embarassing when I'm talking to new guys and they say, "what do you like to do?" and the answer is... um... um... well... I love theatre... and antique shopping... and watching sports... and blogging and online games... but really, there's not a lot around here that I go out and do. I need to focus more on activities beyond the nest. I still haven't figured out what one does with their spare time once their kids are grown and their spare time doesn't involve their kids' activities.
The Bear Hunter has ceased returning texts since our accidental meeting on Friday. Hard not to take that personally, know what I mean? I mean... was he disappointed in the live version of me? I'm photogenic... does that mean that I'm not cute in person?
And of course... Next Guy just faded into the sunset without explanation. It makes me wonder if there's something I'm missing in my self-evaluation... makes me a bit self-conscious, truth be told.
I guess I need to check out the book, "he's just not that into you"... and read it.
There are a few others I'm talking to... this whole vetting process is exhausting and I fear that I'll soon grow weary and go back into hibernation again. I'm trying to look at it from a positive perspective with the thought that I've asked God to guide me and protect me from being involved in a relationship that will - once again - break my heart. I've asked Him to not allow anyone into my life who is not His choice for me and to not allow me to be in a relationship that will not bring Him glory or bring me closer to Him. If I'm analytical about things, I can see the "why" for every guy that he wouldn't pass that litmus test. And I haven't changed my mind about wanting what God wants for me... but it's a frustrating process... and lonely.... and it does, as I mentioned, make me doubt myself.
So there's that. But I also think that I'm feeling a touch of cabin fever which is making me a little more critical of myself, making me feel a tad isolated and giving me time to dwell on things that I shouldn't.
The sun is beginning to rise. Guess I'll see if I remember how to apply makeup and straighten this rats nest of a head that has developed since I didn't dry my hair yesterday.... find an outfit that is work appropriate and yet warm... and venture out into our White County Winter Wonderland. Happy Whiny Wednesday, y'all!


moshell's lilbit of space said...

We have not gotten as much snow as you all have, but the kids have been out of school for 2 days now & I believe they will most likely call it off again tomorrow~it is so cold and STILL snowing! Our little backwood roads are the same, can't get up or down them. YIKES.

Have a great day Heather!!!

Becky said...

I TOTALLY (totally, totally) understand the caution and the desire to avoid making a mistake in a new relationship. Maybe the hesitancy on the part of some guys has nothing to do with your attractiveness, but more that they feel some pressure about trying to live up to everything you're looking for. Maybe they even fear rejection by you.

But that doesn't mean you're not right to be clear in your heart and mind about the kind of man you want and deserve.

Men who just slip into the sunset without explanation are not only inconsiderate, they're cowardly. You wouldn't want a cowardly man, anyway.