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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, January 17, 2011

more reasons to love Monday...

Monday has been good to me... here's proof... I found a few more reasons to love it!

1. I found pomegranates in the grocery store today... perfect for my picnic I'm planning this week.
2. I had THE BEST broiled cod, tomatoes and yellow squash for dinner... served it over a mixture of jasmine and wild rice... I was singing the song, "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight..."... I thought my meal was fitting for MLK day... it was all the colors of the rainbow. Cept green.
3. I had an AWESOME lunch today... spinach salad with beets, green peas, boiled egg, a little cheese, sunflower seeds with a spoonful of pasta salad (my favorite but must be enjoyed in small portions) and a big spoon of my fabulous quinoa, edamame, mung & black bean salad...
4. I even had a good breakfast today... baked sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon... fat free greek yogurt with honey. THIS girl has eaten good today!
5. Just so you don't think that my moods are entirely dictated by food... I remembered to buy toilet paper today. That always makes me feel like a grownup.
6. I remembered to pay two of the three bills I needed to pay today. The other one was closed.
7. I bought another month of unlimited talk and text this month. Loving having talk on my cellphone again... and I've even been talking....
8. Happiness is having someone you want to talk to at the end of Monday... who actually wants to talk to you, appreciates talking to you, considers talking to you a pleasure... and you feel the same.
9. There were still quite a few patches of snow all around today. The rain is washing it away tonight... I'm sure... but it's been such a treat to look at, especially as the roads have cleared. Most of them. There are still a few that are iced over but hopefully that will improve with the rain.
10. This actually happened yesterday but it made me smile again today... I got a Christmas card in the mail from my friend Melissa in Minnesota on Saturday. Her sweet family always makes me smile. I stuck the card in my purse with my bills (on accident) so while I was frustrated at the bill paying process... I got another grin off Mel and her crew.
11. I'm watching the Thrashers and it's making for a good way to end the day.
12. Red Flag Guy is in love... not with me, of course... but I'm happy for him. The last two years have been filled with sadness and tragedy and it's nice to see him find love. Gives me hope.
13.... and the best reason to love Monday... is now... I'm tucking myself under the electric blanket and going to sleep. MONDAY IS OVER FOR ME! WOOHOO!


Gareth Jones said...

Monday is good for you but i dont like mondays...
but i got your list for monday and hope the next would be good for me...