My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jamie is six!

We had a great time at Jamie's birthday party... at one point there were almost a dozen ladies sitting around Jim and Angie's table having a good, old fashioned Hen Party... until finally one of the kids came in and asked if we were ever going to get out of the way so they could have cake and ice cream! Oh yeah... this is a kids birthday party. Oops!

The birthday princess... My big girls... Sarabeth and Jorjanne. We practiced my trick of looking RIGHT ABOVE the lens of the camera to make your eyes look bigger... this was the third attempt... don't they look gorgeous?
This is my favorite photo of the day... Jamie is blowing out her candle and her sweet friend is hugging her! How sweet is that?

Another shot of my two big girls... JJ is in 4th grade... SB is in 2nd... their parents were friends before these babies were ever even a gleam in their daddy's eyes. They've known each other their entire lives. I love those kind of lifelong sister/friends. I have a few of those in my life and they always remind me who I am and where I come from. I love documenting their childhood friendship... and I can imagine us pulling these photos out at bridesmaid luncheons one day. (stop crying, Aunt Mimi!)

Six years old... but what a precious, baby face! She's got Gant freckles and somewhere in between a Beaver & a Gant nose... and she's got my bottom lip... I love how I can see all of us in her sweet little face... and know that she so much more than the sum total of the families that love her and all the attributes they bring to her life.

See the bottom lip? Yep. It's the same. And the same extroverted personality. My sweet little second born in a family of first borns... she marches to the beat of her own drummer... she always has a little song in her heart...

this picture is multiple layers of funny to me... first, you should notice Jessie the stalker girl lurking in the background. LOVE our Jess! She is an adopted family member... the girls' most reliable babysitter... she has the same sharp wit and intelligence as the rest of us and fits right in...
In the foreground... Jamie and I were posing together and Sarabeth snuck in and was acting goofy behind us. She got busted and we all cracked up. I love it because it shows Sarabeth with her natural, beautiful smile instead of that forced, frozen, photograph grin. Jamie... who has been photographed with each friend as it was time to leave... is CLEARLY ready to get the formalities over... she still has her photo ready smile while she checks out what her goofy sister is doing in the background. LOVE IT!

Jim and Angie are both firstborns and their personalities reflect it. Sarabeth is a firstborn and you can tell... she's the organized, responsible sibling. Jamie... well, Jamie is a second born and nobody understands her better than her two favorite aunts - both second born children. Aunt Mimi is the bonus sister I got when my brother married Angie. Although... you might think that we would have competing roles for the girls' attention and affection... the truth is that we both love and appreciate each other so much. I can't imagine my nieces NOT having an Aunt Mimi in their life. I love the bond they have with her and I'm so grateful for what she brings to their lives. I know she feels the same. We just feel so blessed that these girls... that we mutually love and adore... have TWO favorite aunts... and we are mutually amused by the second born traits that we see in our Jamie-doll.

This next photos are not from the birthday party... this is a snapshot of the nest... with my fur babies curled around me... competing for attention.

And this is my favorite picnic spot... the ampitheatre at Piedmont College. It's the perfect place to spread out a basket with a friend... it's covered... sort of remote... yet, with enough nearby traffic that it's not dangerous.

The forecast is calling for 6 inches of snow with ice on top of that for our area overnight tonight. It's fairly certain that i'll be in the nest at least until Tuesday morning, perhaps beyond that. As long as the power stays on, we're fine. If the power goes out... which can happen with ice... it's going to be interesting. As long as the power is on, I anticipate I'll be blogging fairly often. Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!