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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more news from the nest. riveting.

My neighbor is also snowbound and apparently has a hearing problem... listening to music really loud. The up side is that it's praise and worship music. It could be worse. I actually appreciate their taste in music.

It's snowing again.

I finally took a shower and it felt sooooo good! My skin is so dry from all this dry heat... I am not drying my hair, just conditioned and pulled it back like I do at the beach to keep it healthy. I covered my face in oil of olay... and it burned... my skin is that dry. Even with the vaporizor going round the clock.

I'm back in warm pjs and am cozy in the nest again.

Watching the snow.

School has already been called off for tomorrow. It's really bad, y'all.

My goal is to venture out tomorrow after daylight. I've had two short paydays in a row already due to the bronchitis... plus the extra expenses of Christmas, even though I kept it conservative (and still haven't even sent anything to my oldest kid)... and the extra expenses of the bronchitis... I can't afford to miss two days of work... or three... or however many until it's safe to go out.

I'm not stressing about it, honestly. I mean... I'll try to pull some hours on Saturday, maybe burn a day of vacation... my pantry is so full that we could almost make it the rest of the month without more groceries.

It's almost like God knew we needed a time out.

The trees are so heavy with ice and snow, it's a wonder that we still have power. I'm so grateful that we still have power!

The local news is full of stories of truckers who got stranded on the roadways when the roads were closed due to accidents and ice. Some have been out there for more than 24 hours now. The Atlanta police were actually out on the roadway chipping at the ice with sledgehammers.

It's hard not to snack. I'm doing ok. It's not my best weight watchers week ever and I really needed a good week to get back on track. I'm not giving up by any stretch, counting every single bite.

The snow is so beautiful. I couldn't live with it for months on end but I'm grateful for this once a decade occurance.

I planned well and made sure we had the things that we need... but you can't anticipate everything. I'm out of advil and I have a headache. We only have two rolls of toilet paper left (which should last about five or six days, so we're ok) we're low on coffee.... Austin's bummed because we're out of sugar - he wants to make tea. They keep showing a McDonalds commercial and I really want an egg mcmuffin. Not that I ever eat them. I'm craving steamed dumplings - again, something I never eat.

Haven't done much reading. Haven't caught up on housework. Haven't cleaned out the closet. Haven't caught up on my bible study. Haven't done much exercise. Just a big ole lazy lump in my nest.

Just me, the electric blanket, remote control, cellphone, laptop, big cup of ice water, vaporizer and the kitties... in the midst of a winter wonderland.


Laurie said...

Send Austin to the neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar. :-) Enjoy the time....its what only once every 20 years ya'll get hit with something like this?

Becky said...

Doesn't seem like any clients would be coming into the office anyway, does it? Although I guess some of those people out there trying to drive might be calling about accidents... sigh. Good luck, stay warm.