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My People
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Friday, July 15, 2011

freaky friday...

Greetings from my insanely amazing temporary housing in Sautee, Georgia. Our new permanent nest is just a bit up the road and while we're getting the "stuff" situated and unpacked we will be spending our nights here in the lap of cabin luxury. I took a good long soak in the huge tub last night and it was awesome. Tonight I might find myself in the hot tub if I can find a swimsuit.

Today is a big day as far as getting my stuff into the apartment, power turned on, satellite hooked up and I get my kid and my kitties back. I'm going to work as much as I can around those events.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday (remember my "creative" interpretation of my appointment earlier in the week?) and it wasn't bad. There was an emergency so the doctor was running about 45 minutes behind schedule but honestly, I was so glad for a few minutes to rest and catch my breath. I hit the ground running at about 5am yesterday and skipped lunch so I was exhausted.

The news was good... except for the fact that this doctor (I've only seen her twice but she's very good and very thorough) reiterated ALL the different diagnoses that I have and that can be kind of sobering... when you talk about the chronic back pain, obesity, copd... etc, etc. She was very sympathetic about the difficulty of losing weight when you're on medications that cause weight gain and are not able to do any physical activity but she said she's afraid if we don't get about fifty pounds off of my back that sooner or later, probably sooner, I will become disabled - to some degree I feel "less abled" already and I can't imagine this getting worse. Sobering.

The blood work they did on me was good... some things that were borderline and some things that were awesome. Low iron... some borderline results on the cardiac stuff they were checking (which is why they want to go ahead with the echocardiogram next week). My blood pressure was better but with the dizziness I've been having, they want to cut back on my dosage. My blood sugar was "stellar" considering the steroids, being overweight, and some of the meds that I'm on.

Everyone asks if they've checked my thyroid and every doctor I see draws a connection with all the various problems I have and either thyroid issues, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. But then they look for some of the specific diagnostic confirmations of those disorders and they just aren't there. It all winds back to this degenerative back stuff and the side effects of the medications I'm on to try to mitigate that pain. And every doctor assumes I'm on some narcotic pain medications and I'm not. I'm toughing it out, y'all. For realz.

I had a rough night's sleep. I had to tote my own stuff out of Jim and Angie's yesterday and into the cabin yesterday because there was no one else around to do it. I am feeling it... the dr reiterated yesterday that I cannot lift things... she also said that I am on "feet on the ground" orders meaning that she doesn't want me climbing on anything. She said, "pay someone to screw in lightbulbs if you have to... no climbing" because I'm dizzy and a fall could potentially be crippling.

I guess it still surprises me that this pain is still lingering and that I have accumulated all these crazy diagnoses because in my mind, I'm still 15 years old and a size 5. How did I get old like this?

Time to glam and start my long drive back to civilization... and start getting that nest back in order! Have a great Friday y'all! Love and hugs!


monique said...

What an awesome house/cabin. Wow!
Only you could turn a disater into a dream. Must be your connection with the Man upstairs. :)
I hope you are settled soon.
xo xo