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My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

newsday tuesday ... brought to you by the word, "ugh"

My back is killing me. I slept for 8 hours but I woke up at least a dozen times trying to get comfortable. I had been so encouraged yesterday because my pain was better, I wasn't feeling sick or nauseous, I had more energy... this morning I dragged my weary body to the kitchen and thought, "ugh." That's what I said. "ugh". I collapsed on the love seat and laid there for a few minutes and the cats gathered round to do a viability check.

I'm so aggravated with Obama. If I hear one more time about the problems he inherited I ... well, I'll turn the channel. MAN UP! That's all I'm saying. I heard Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner on one of the Sunday morning shows saying that they inherited a mess and they've had "bad weather" to deal with this year and the catastrophe in Japan. What did the earthquake in Japan have to do with the US other than possibly giving us the opening to manufacture some of the goods normally made there. And - bad weather? Heard of a little storm called Katrina?

Waste always makes me cringe. Government waste is so irresponsible. The stimulus plan was a bad idea. Spending more than you can possibly collect and repay is theft. 80 MILLION people receive a monthly check from the government? That's the biggest problem. I want to be charitable but I can only do so much for others without letting my own obligations be ignored.

Anyways... it just aggravates me. Time for happy stuff...

I love looking at my friends photos on facebook, especially vacation photos. I have one friend who is my "where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" friend... she's a globe trotter... this year she's been to India, Spain, Russia (i think) and who knows where else. I have another friend who is always on cool domestic vacations with her husband and two gorgeous kids. I looked at my cousin Rik's family vacation pictures this morning and loved his wife's vacation outfits... she's really stunning. It's cool to be able to see what my friends and family are doing.

I finally got my consumables claim list turned in yesterday... I had to assign values to five pages worth of discarded food items in my kitchen. It was my own little version of The Price Is Right. It was about $375 worth... that will be a fun grocery trip to restock all my spices and condiments. I was just so relieved to get it finished. We have a textile list of non restorable items to turn in still and it will be another big one because it includes all my pillows... I had SOOOO many pillows on my bed! I found out that the textile people didn't inventory items at the house that they were not going to attempt to restore so I have to figure out what we used to have but don't. Pillows, shower curtain... who knows what all... I'm trying to be as accurate as possible but it's hard.

I've gotten a few snarky comments lately about my inability to remember stuff... to which I say, "walk a mile in my shoes"... carry the burdens I've been carrying between trying to work, raise a teenager and handle all the household details I've had due to the fire...while living with chronic pain and frequent dizziness. I consider it a triumph of wills that I'm still getting up every morning and trying to live a productive life.

Yesterday I had a real moment of emotion while driving home and listening to Christian music on the radio, really listening to the lyrics and realizing how much I've had to sort of set the emotion of things aside in order to have the strength to get things done. Even when you have faith, you still can have fear and frustration during times of trouble. I find myself with a supernatural peace at these times and then tend to have the emotional breakdown afterwards. I suspect when we are all settled in - trash taken away, washer and dryer in place, boxes unpacked - I'm going to have to really sort things through. It's been three weeks... and it blows my mind how far we've come in that amount of time.

My still to do list is: get the boxes hauled away, turn in the textile loss list, find a washer and dryer and figure out how to get them here... and finish unpacking. Ugh.

But now it's Tuesday... time to start getting ready for work. Love and hugs, y'all.