My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Sunday, July 17, 2011

maybe the last post for awhile...

34 minutes left on my laptop battery. No internet in the nest yet. I've decided to go ahead and spend the night at the nest instead of the cabin. If nothing else proves I'm a homebody, that should! LOL! Ready to leave the lap of luxury because nothing is as cozy as my nest.

Austin's working hard to get things in order. I asked what he wanted me to buy first for him as the insurance money trickles in (no time to explain it now... it's a process... I think I've explained that before... ) anyways... he asked for a tv first... so that's what I did. His child support came in last night so I took him to walmart today and bought him a nice 26" hd tv. It was only $228 so we felt like it was a good deal. He's over the moon about it!

Otherwise... today has been sort of a disappointment. My older boys were coming to see me but they've been tripping along enjoying each other's company and won't be here until after 5. Then they want to go to Helen... which is great except I can't walk... hurts too bad.... so if they go to Helen, it will be without me. They also wanted to go tubing. Apparently, they weren't really coming to see me, they're coming to be tourists. That's ok. It's like I've always told them... I don't want anyone to ever do anything for me out of a sense of obligation. I've never asked them to call me with any certain frequency (and they don't). I don't make demands on their time during the holidays ... a son is a son until he takes a wife but a daughter's a daughter the rest of her life. so there you have it...

I'm doing a load of wash here at the cabin (something else we can't do at the nest - yet) and I'm watching an old movie and just kind of resting. I was really sick and dizzy this morning... Austin found me on the bathroom floor unable to stand up because of the dizziness. They adjusted my bp medicine thinking that was causing the dizziness because it was too strong for me and now my bp is up again and I'm still dizzy.

Oh well. If I don't blog for a few days it's because my laptop is dead, not because I don't have anything to say... I'll miss y'all! My facebook wall feeds to my phone so if you post me there, I'll see it. Love and hugs, y'all.


breakaway said...

My daughter contacts me WAY more then my son does by far...however my son's GIRLFRIEND contacts me more then my daughter lol. You just can't win. It's sad though when you really want them to call and just talk with you or visit (mine do the same thing...come to visit but hang with friends or whatever). Just sad :(