My People

My People
My matched set of grandchildren - Oliver and Cosette

Monday, July 4, 2011

my happy Monday

It's another summer thunderstorm and true to form, the satellite is out. I'm watching the little box that tells me they are acquiring satellite signal... and I know that although that may be their honest intention, from what I hear outside it may be awhile.

No worries. I'm just missing another hour of Vinnie Politan handing off to Jane Velez Mitchell and hearing them prognificate over and over about the verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial. Whenever I wax nostalgic over this 4th of July, I will fondly remember pigging out all weekend on junk with Austin and watching 79 hours of this trial and trial recap.

It's a sight better than the 4th of July after I got my wisdom teeth out.

But it reminds me, sadly, of that 4th of July we spent with Tim. He did the whole low country boil deal... crawdad, sausage, potatoes, corn... and we grilled every kind of meat you can think of. Michael invited his friends from work - Andrea and Dean - and she and I bonded over my love for New York. We planned to go there some day. Three days later Michael and Andrea shared their first kiss... and now, three years later... Tim is gone.

Life can change so quickly. Last year's 4th doesn't stick out in my mind other than buying Austin some fireworks and him shooting them off with Tasha's dad.

That year at Tim's was special... I had all my boys together, Joshy, Ryan, Austin, Cody, Stephen, Bobby... Ti'ms boys were there... Andrea and Dean's kids - who I would come to call the "Deanie Babies" were there. Some of Tim's friends. It was a very good time. A very good time, indeed.

I've rested well this weekend. My blood pressure and heartrate have not been good. The last bp I took was 150/98... pulse of 106. Completely relaxed. I worry about where this is leading and what it could mean to me long term. It has to get better.

Pain level this weekend has been up... maybe because of the storms vs arthritis... I don't know. I've loved every minute of it, though... I love my nest...

This was an easy Monday to love! Hope you did too!