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My People
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

thankful thursday

When you wake up tired you know you're in trouble... but the temperature is not supposed to be as hot today and I'm getting closer and closer to my new nest. It's Thankful Thursday.... y'all ready?

The DISH equipment came early, they're scheduled to hook up on Friday afternoon.

I've looked over the stuff at the warehouse of the restoration company and the bulk of our stuff was salvageable. Most everything except Austin's room.

My mattresses were actually fine. So as soon as the textiles are delivered on Monday, I'll be able to have a bed.

I've got the loss list and have to just fill in the values of the items - it should take me about two or three hours. Ugh.But at least they're already listed out for me.

Renters insurance, y'all... please get it if you don't have it. If you're in Georgia, call me for it. If you're not in Georgia, call me to get the phone number of a State Farm agent in your area. Seriously. Call me. It made all the difference in the world.

Talked to the restoration guy for-ev-uh yesterday. He's a Christian guy an he was sharing some of his experiences with this stuff and I was sharing some of the ways that God has worked through my times of crisis. It was a good conversation - all except for the fact that my feet were killing me and I was dizzy and my back hurt so bad I felt like someone was poking me with a hot poker in my spine and my feet were swelling up like balloons. He's kinda cute though.

I didn't know how I was going to make it home, I was so dizzy. Dizzy has been the theme this week. I see the doctor today. Maybe she'll have answers for that. Is there a pill they can give you to make you un-dizzy?

My clothes are all washed and folded and ready to pack in my car... after work today I'll be going to the cabin instead of back here to the Highway 17 Hilton aka Jim and Angie's house. It's been a nice stay but I'm ready for a night of solitude. I need to get a washing machine and dryer in the next week and I'm praying about that... I just know it's gonna work out.

Our stuff will be delivered on Friday. The power will be turned on Friday. The DISH satellite guy comes on Friday. Mom and Dad will bring Austin and my fur-babies on Friday. That reminds me. I have to get new cat litter.

Our textiles (clothes, towels, blankets) will be delivered Monday.

We'll be getting Austin's room put together as the checks come in... he'll be sorta camping in the meantime.

Really, for all intents and purposes, this whole big tragedy will be completely resolved and we'll be back in our new nest in less than two weeks. That comes from a mighty God... or at least some mighty powerful karma... I can tell you that it didn't come from me. I'm just swept along in a river of good fortune.

Despite it all... six months of back pain... tachycardia... blood pressure... not feeling good... and then this whole "nest on fire" situation... I have truly good fortune and I'm not going to forget that.

Even if my pink Christmas tree didn't make it.

Have a great day, y'all... love and hugs!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Heather there is a pill they can give you for dizzyness. I took it a few years ago when I was having that and eventually it went away after taking the pills.

Sweetnessk71 said...

so glad you are getting a place so soon after fire. I had been homeless for a month before finding a prayers are with you and your family.

Fat Free JAM said...

i've been meaning to get that darn renter's insurance...never got around to it....still haven't but because of you and your situation...i have my quote and will take care of it in the next couple where I live (in a typical New England tenment home)...I worry about what if one of my neighbors caused something...I too have a lot of hand me downs..most of these things were my grandparents...but it took a long time to get these things! I would be screwed!

Praying for you as always :)