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My People
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

this entry brought to you by the words: details and amazed

The lease is signed... the deposit is made... the biggest hurdle has been jumped and now it's just about details. Oy! The details!

I have to...
Arrange for the power to be turned on... the satellite to be turned on... get trash pick up set up... the power and water accounts at the old place to be closed (they were just suspended) (it's a different power company at the new place)... go to the warehouse where our things have been cleaned (once they're finished which is expected between Wednesday and Friday) and make sure they're satisfactory... arrange for the delivery of the stuff that has been salvaged... determine what items must be replaced and arrange for purchase of those items... turn in receipts for the additional living expenses we've had thus far... arrange for delivery of our "textiles" that have been cleaned... find a cheap washer and dryer... determine what day we will have enough furniture and utilities so that we can actually begin living there and pay pro-rated rent... go to the Sautee (that's a town) post office and get our mailbox key for the lockboxes at the new place... go to the Cleveland post office and get our address changed... determine if we're going to need temporary housing between the time Jim and Angie come back from New Orleans and the time we can actually stay in our new place and make those reservations... get Austin back from the southside of town... get ready for Ryan's visit and figure out his agenda so that I can actually spend time with him... arrange for help unpacking and arranging furniture...

And in between I have to work... and see the doctor on Thursday to follow up on my blood pressure and tachycardia. I've been in a horrible amount of pain over the past few days, especially in my heel which is either a result of the spinal stenosis/sciatica or possibly a heel spur/plantar fascitis flare up. I've determined that the medication that is causing the cold sweats is getting tossed... it wasn't providing sufficient pain relief to suffer through the additional discomfort it caused... so I've got to discuss that with the pain doctor. I don't feel good. Having my house catch fire didn't eliminate the back problems I've been dealing with for six months, if anything, it exacerbated them. I've been away from Austin for a week and he was the one who always made sure I didn't have to "tote" anything... I've been up and down a lot of stairs in the past week and... (begin whine) my back hurts worse that it has at any time during this process. I really just want to take the maximum level of pain medicine allowed and sleep for about three days. But I have to work. And... all that other stuff.

And I don't want any of that to sound like I'm discouraged or depressed... there are details that must be taken care of and I am standing (ok, sitting) in a place of immense blessing and I don't take that for granted for one second. I know that God had a beautiful plan for us and I am amazed at our great fortune to... think about it... be able to move to a cheaper place that is just as spacious (actually... the master bedroom is much bigger) and closer to work and closer to Jim and Angie and in a much more beautiful setting that will allow me breathing room financially... and we didn't have to actually physically do the move... (we have to unpack but still... minimal!)... I mean, I am really amazed. I keep using that word because it's the best way I can articulate it... amazed at how He has blessed us. These are details... inconveniences... it's going to be much better very soon.

SO... if you're a real life friend and you've asked what you can do to help... when our stuff is delivered, I will need help unpacking and putting things away and decorating... so if you have an extra hour or so and can help, it would be awesome. AS soon as I know when our stuff will be there, I'll be sure to announce it to the world.

If you're not local and you want to help... pray for these details to be tackled... pray for my physical strength and mental strength... pray that I am able to do all that I have to do...

Ok... time to glam and get this show on the road... we're expecting an extremely hot day today... wanna get my 8 hours in and get back to the cozy, cool, comfort of my temporary nest.

love and hugs, y'all!