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My People
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lots to whine about this Wednesday

I am so tired. I am dizzy. My back is killing me. I am sick of this heat. I want to get my nest in order and climb in it for a week and not come out. It's Whiny Wednesday, y'all.

I've made progress. Remember the list from yesterday? Ok... since then... I got the power application paid (another $140) and it's scheduled to be turned on Friday. I have the equipment for the satellite service being shipped to Angie and Jim's on Thursday so I can call to set up a time for it to be turned on. I have a reservation in a nice cabin for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights... so that we have somewhere comfy to sleep. (thanks to my sweet friend Angie at Blue Creek Cabins - check them out at if you're planning a trip to Helen). I will go today to see what was salvageable and what wasn't and will get the official "loss list" together so I can submit it to the claims adjuster.

That's where my dilemma kinda begins... we have replacement cost coverage on our items... so even though Austin had a ten year old hand me down loveseat in his room that was ruined, the adjuster will give us DEPRECIATED value on that item until I go and replace it and turn in a receipt showing what it actually cost to get a new loveseat for his room... and then they will pay the rest of the money. It's standard claim practice... I know this full well... but MY PROBLEM... is that I don't have credit cards or a cash flow to front the money on these items to buy them and then wait the week or so turn around time until the receipt is turned in and the claim check sent out for the rest of my money.

As best I can tell (and I will know the full story this afternoon) from talking to the restoration guys... we're going to have to replace mine and Austin's mattresses (again, a huge blessing as my back was suffering from the mattress I had)... Austin's tv, wii, loveseat... a bookshelf we had in our living room that was a hand-me-down from Jim and Angie... but it sounds like our furniture in the living room was saved.

I need a furniture store that is willing to allow me about a thousand dollars worth of credit for about two weeks. Y'all pray that I can come up with that kind of deal... that's my goal for lunchtime today.

And on the medical side (because what's a whiny wednesday without a medical update, right?) I got three calls Monday night from my regular doctors office... I couldn't figure out how to listen to the voice mails (I miss Austin - he helps me work my cellphone) and so I called them back yesterday morning and talked to the receptionist and said, "hey... I missed a message... can you just check my file and see what they needed?" and she said, "sure that's no problem... " and I gave her my name and date of birth and she checked it and said, "oh. um. yeah. I need to let you talk to Dr. Parker's nurse." ok fine. So I gave her my number at work and she called back a little later and said, "we have you scheduled with a follow up with Dr. Loomis but Dr. Parker wants to see you... let me just change your appointment to Dr. Parker"... ok sure... no big deal... "Oh... Dr. Parker doesn't have anything open until July 26th... they don't want you to wait that long... they need to get you in here this we'll just keep you scheduled with Dr. Loomis and Dr. Parker can just fill her in" At the moment I was just feeling important but after I hung up the phone I thought - cuz why? AND THEN... I got a call from the Cardiologist's nurse who wanted to schedule me for an echocardiogram... which... last week they decided it was best if we waited on that until the fire drama had ended... and I told her that and she said, "Dr Parker sent over new orders today for us to schedule your echo".... so, I wonder... if that means that my blood work came back showing something else weird... and I could call back and ask but honestly... I don't have time for a breakdown over that today. Tomorrow is soon enough to find out whatever the big deal is or isn't.

It's like I told Jessie... they should be careful what they say to people like me who are CREATIVE... and can weave an innocent doctor's appointment scheduling call into "I'm dying and nobody is telling me". Creative... dramatic... paranoid... whatever you want to call it.

But honestly I don't feel good. I have been dizzy for so long that I can't remember not being dizzy. I'm in so much pain that I struggled to put on my sleep pants last night. I'm not well and somebody somewhere needs to figure out how to make me feel good. That's all I'm saying.

I can't wait to get to the cabin Thursday night because it has a big jacuzzi tub inside (not a hot tub) and I want to take a nice warm (not hot) bath. The beauty of having the cabin for those few days means that we can go to the apartment and get it all nice and settled in at a slower pace and then go and hang out at the cabin to have a little R&R. Or... as my co-worker Holly says, "Party at Heather's cabin this weekend - wooohooo!"

You know... there's a lot of struggle and a lot of details but I cross paths with a lot of awesome people. The guy from Habersham Electric Membership Corp is DELIVERING my application that I have to fill out for them TO MY OFFICE to save me a trip to get it. While I was waiting in line yesterday behind a woman with a full cart at the dollar store... who kept hopping out of line and adding things to her cart... the nice cashier said, "Let me go ahead and get the lady behind you... she has to get back to work by 1pm" - and she knows that because I go in there on my lunch hour at least once a week. And then the nice lady at the Little Ceasars Pizza place where I stopped to grab dinner for me and Jessie (who lives at Jim and Angie's and has been my roomie this week) found a pizza that was already ready since I wasn't picky and didn't mind cheese pizza... so I didn't have to wait and could hurry home.

Because I just don't feel good. I was asleep before 8 again last night.
But my BooBoo (Ryan) is coming home tomorrow... home to Atlanta... and he's bringing his sweet Sara (with no H ) and Austin is excited because he gets to see the Harry Potter movie at midnight Thursday night with Cody and Marquee. It's been good for Austin to spend time with his brother and sweet sister in law.

Ok... so the thing is... in every life there's always something you can whine about... but if you look around... there's always good things too, right?

Love and hugs, y'all.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope things work out for you and soon. Hope nothing major on the medical front either. Hugs and prayers..

Fat Free JAM said...

so true...just had this conversation with someone yesterday...something I struggle with..trying to find the good in the ever negative environment..