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My People
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Road Trippin'

Little Kitty demanded that I get up at 7:00 this morning. All those years I had kids and a job and responsibilities that meant that I had to get up a few hours before dawn to have any time to myself... and now I can sleep as long as I want and my CAT won't let me. Yeah, I could shut the door and not let him in but he's so sweet sleeping next to me. Even though I would have loved a little more sleep, it's really better not to get in the habit of sleeping the day away. On the flip side, he always gets pushy once it's time to go to bed at night. I don't need a clock.

The other day when I went to the doctor my drive home was an absolute delight. The wisteria is in bloom and the air smelled so sweet (except where farmers have fertilized their fields - manure does NOT smell sweet)... it was truly a tonic for me. Again on the next day when my mom and I ran a few errands - Spring is everywhere and it's a pleasure to be out and about. So yesterday when the sun was out and I was feeling really, really sluggish, I thought a little trip to town might do me well. And although I didn't feel great and I didn't go far or do much, it was good to get out.

As most of you know, we live just a few miles from Helen, Georgia, a little tourist town in the Northeast Georgia mountains. It's designed to be Bavarian with lots of "alpine" and "mountain" in the names of businesses. The roads are "strauss" instead of "street" and it's kitschy and touristy and for most of the year we avoid the heart of town because of the traffic and the tourists. Not that we don't love tourists - we appreciate your patronage that helps plump up the tax base around here - but they do tend to drive slow and walk slow and wander randomly into traffic. It's still fairly slow around here so Austin and I rode into Helen and went to visit Betty's Country Store

I've blogged about Betty's before... it's a small little IGA (Independent Grocers Association, I think?) that has a big selection of odds and ends and unusual items. I picked up three candy sticks - for twenty cents each - and Austin got a coke. We spent maybe fifteen minutes in there but it was a nice diversion and since it's off-season we could actually park right in front - in my standard Princess Parking spot. There's only one there, I think, and I've never been able to access it before.

Other than the fact that I've been through Helen a gazillion times and am not in the market for a beer stein or a quilt or other overpriced tourist items, the parking is the biggest reason we avoid town. There are a few places you can park without paying - not a lot but a few - but there are hardly any handicapped places. By the time I walk to town from my parking place, I'm in pain. So I don't go often. If you stay toward the south end of town and on the back road (Edelweiss Strauss) (I'm not joking) and it's not a busy weekend you can park near the Dollar General or La Cabana and a few other places but by and large, there's rarely a good reason for me to go to Helen. There is a newish Thai place that I'm dying to try but by my disposable income is non-existent and it's pricey. I'm thinking of just grabbing some basil rolls for takeout and having a picnic beside the river one day before it gets too hot.

At any rate, I'm determined to get out of the house more because it does give me a huge boost of happy even when I'm not feeling great. It's a shame to live in such a beautiful place and not take advantage of it more than I do.

And then there are days like today where it feels like I have lead weights attached to my ankles and every step is an ordeal... which makes me realize that on the days I CAN, I absolutely SHOULD. It's going to be really hard this Summer while my nieces are away at church camp and music camp and basketball camp and vacation because they motivate me to get up and out of my routine while they're here. Maybe I should have an Aunt Heather Camp so they'll hang out with me?

I am now three days Debbie free - yesterday I had raisin bran with a few walnuts tossed in for breakfast - and a few black grapes, a yummy salad (greens topped with egg salad, sunflower seeds and cheese) for lunch... these really awesome pita crisps with hummus for a snack and then pizza from Papa's for dinner. The pizza wasn't exactly diet friendly but I felt better about eating it knowing that I had come close to getting in the recommended produce servings for the day. I also had a ice cream bar while watching Grey's Anatomy.

Can I just say how frustrated I am with Grey's? They've had this big "Farewell to Christina" push all month and then last night was NOT her last night because they showed the preview for next week and she's in that too. I was all prepared to say farewell and had gone through my grieving over her story line coming to an end. They shouldn't toy with our emotions like that!

Anyways... the weekend is here and even though I don't have the huge excitement that I USED to have about Fridays, I'm still happy for those of you who look forward to and need the break! Happy weekend, love and hugs, y'all!


Anonymous said...

You are in fine spirits. Getting out of the house is good for you even if difficult.

Do not fret over the pizza. No one food has the ability to make you gain weight. Eating past fullness is the primary cause of weight gain. You are making great progress. Feel proud.